Like every set of muscles in the human body, those that make up the pelvic floor can be strengthened by employing a dedicated variety of exercises or devices like kegel balls specifically designed for the job, the most common of which are known as kegel exercises.

You might know the "how" of pelvic floor exercises, but the "why" is where things get interesting! By strengthening those muscles people can gain all kinds of health-related benefits, including coping with issues around involuntary urination and recovering after giving birth.

Even more interesting is that many people have made kegel exercises an essential part of their lives because they’ve been proven to help tone and tighten their interior muscles: helping to improve and often enhance their sex lives like never before! We teamed up with Satisfyer to create the following quiz to test your knowledge of kegel exercises, and, hopefully, along the way you'll learn why doing them can make practically every aspect of our lives better—especially the sexual part!

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