You’ve probably heard the word “prostate” a lot, especially involving things going wrong with this bit of anatomy, leading to some pretty serious health issues - including cancer.

But what, exactly, is a prostate and how can you keep yours healthy?

Located between the bladder and the rectum, this exocrine gland is a major part of the biological reproduction system: primarily as a generator of the fluid that helps sperm do their swimmy thing.

During ejaculation, with or without an orgasm, the prostate gets squeezed by a special band of muscles propelling this fluid outwards through the urethra.

When things are going well, and we certainly hope they are, the prostate is a smooth-running little machine. When things aren’t going well, though, problems such as inflammation, uncomfortable prostate enlargement, and even prostate cancer, can result.

The good news is that there are some pretty easy steps people with prostates can take to stave off these potential problems - and have a healthy and happy prostate for a long, long time. (Pssst! And some of them are orgasmic!)

So take a moment to take our quiz and test your knowledge, or learn some important facts about how to keep your prostate healthy.

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