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QUIZ: How Much Do You Know about Anal Lube?

Published: AUGUST 25, 2021 | Updated: AUGUST 26, 2021
There are two requirements for anal: a butt and lube. Take the quiz to determine how much you know about anal lube and save yourself from going in dry.

Lube for anal. If you've tried anal sex before, you know anal lube is an absolute must. Not only does it make anal sex feel way more pleasurable, but it also helps prevent tears and injury to the butt, and we promise: you don't want those to happen if you can help prevent it!

Did you know that some companies make lube specifically for anal sex? Designed to be plushier and longer-lasting, these lubes usually provide more cushion compared to other lubes. They may also be a thicker consistency, too, which helps keep the lube from dripping into other places. (There are desensitizing lubes out there made just for anal sex too, but you know we never recommend those because your body needs to feel the signals!)


So take the test and determine, are you a lube noob or a slippery savant?

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