Is it possible to have an orgasm by just thinking about it, without being touched at all?


Yes. The role of imagination and fantasy in orgasm can produce a sexual response that's just as intense as physical stimulation. So how does this work? Use your imagination. Think about where or how you want to be touched. How does it feel? What does your body do and how does it move when you think about being touched or caressed in that way? A woman can imagine having an orgasm from the way she is breathing to the tension and release in her body and even the scent of her lover to activate arousal. Continuing to have sexual thoughts can activate the same physiological responses as sexual touch. A woman will notice an increase in lubrication, blood flow to the genitals, and changes in breathing and body temperature.

When we think about sex, this also activates an emotional response that is directly connected to our ability to orgasm. Brain studies show that women who used erotic imagery alone were able to bring themselves to orgasm, with the same areas of the brain being activated as those who had an orgasm triggered by physical touch. It’s also referred to as "thinking off" and proves that the role of the mind is powerful in a woman’s ability to climax. Women who find it difficult to orgasm can even use imagery or a memory of a pleasurable sexual experience to heighten arousal and induce an intense orgasmic response.

Remember that your brain is your biggest sex organ! As women, it is important for us to "think" about sex and what we want sexually in order to bring on sexual desire. It is not always spontaneous, so we need to think about sexual stimuli in order to have more pleasurable sex. If you are having difficulty bringing yourself to orgasm or want to expand your orgasmic experiences, try using erotica or fantasy to deepen your sexual experience.


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