I’m meeting my online boyfriend for the first next week for sex. Should I ask to see his STD test results?


We have to give you a big thumb's down on this whole thing. There are two main points to this answer: first, if he really loves you and if you really love him, you can both be patient and wait until you know each other better. People can pretend to be anyone they want to be online. There shouldn’t be this sort of demand at the beginning of a relationship, especially when we’re talking about someone you don’t really know because you’ve only been talking online for a relatively short period of time. Second, about the tests, even if they come up negative, there could be something there that shows up three to six weeks after the test results are given.

We don’t know how much time you plan to spend with this person during your get together. Let’s say you hit it off and stay. Get re-tested and continue to use condoms for at least six weeks. You have the rest of your life…there’s no need to rush this.


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