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Sex Stories We Love: Predicting Sex Trends, What’s New in Sex Toys, & Bringing Up the Rear

Published: JANUARY 2, 2019 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022
Happy New Year! This week's Sex Stories We Love looks ahead to the coming year and how sex might play a big part in your life (if you're so inclined)!

Happy New Year!


Here's wishing you all another fantastic trip around the sun. May your days and nights be filled with joy, pleasure, thoughtfulness, and, if you're so inclined, great sex! This week's Sex Stories We Love looks ahead to this coming year and how sex might play a big part for you.

Every year brings something new to the bedroom. As we move, slowly, to becoming a more sex positive and understanding culture, different sex-related ideas and activities have gained prominence and a greater acceptance than in previous generations. After 50 Shades became a phenomenon, BDSM had its place in the sun. Anal sure got a big push at one point. Strap-ons and pegging really hit the mark, too. In 2018, one could argue that having less sex was the big story. Many of these previous sexual trends were the result of pop culture influence. So, it makes great sense that these are one bold writer's predictions for the sex trends to look out for in 2019. Can you guess what they are without looking?

Can You Just Move Your Elbow a Bit?

How do you feel about sex positions? Are you someone who loves the Big Three: missionary, doggy style, and cowgirl/cowboy? Do you mix it up a bit by throwing some variations in there? Are you a sexual acrobat who considers stretching an essential part of foreplay? Depending on your mood and physical capabilities, trying some new sex positions can lead to amazing new sensations and pleasure. can lead to a whole lot of laughter and possibly a pulled muscle. There's always a risk that your two or more bodies just won't bend / reach in the ways you hoped. If they do? You've just added some new skills to your playbook.


What's New in Sex Toys?

One of the best anticipations of a new year, for those of us who love sex, is wondering what the best and hottest new sex toys the new calendar will bring. The advances made these days are astounding. Recent years have brought an explosion of long-distance connected toys, VR toys, higher quality materials, and better design (not all penises!!) that suit so many different body types. Are you ready to run amok in the adult playground that will soon be revealed? What kind of sexual plaything do you want to purchase this year?

PAIRing Up?

I can't be the only one who thinks getting caught in a hot, summer rain with your partner is one of the sexist things going? Just the pair of you...trying to squeeze under an umbrella. Until the heat and humidity of the wild situation becomes too much, so you let go and run around until you're both soaking wet. Sounds pretty ideal to me, as does Maggie Gitu's thoughts on how to improve your sex life in the coming year (and then reflecting back at the end of it). Her PAIR acronym carries some good thought on self and relationship improvement for a better sex life. Could this be the start of a beautiful storm for you?

Coupling Up?

Some folks want to keep their sexytime casual and spontaneous. We wish these folks plenty of good luck in pursuing the whomever they want for whatever amount of time they choose. Other people are more interested in finding a long-term partner...and that search can be daunting. You just never know when that right person, who has all of the traits you're looking for, will come along. Will 2019 be the year you find the person of your dreams? Will it just be another year of relationship nightmares? If you're astrologically inclined, consult this horoscope to see if your next relationship is in the stars.


Tickled Pinkish

Finally, for those who get excited by design, Pantone announced its colour of the year...and it has a distinctly sexy feel to it.

Bringing Up the Rear

BONUS! How could we move forward into the new year without a good understanding of what we should not stick in our bums?

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