Middle Stump Position

Updated: APRIL 18, 2022

The Middle Stump sex position is a user-friendly way to switch up an oral sex position. The sideways oral penetration allows the receiving partner to get more depth and will provide the giving partner with a great angle for deep-throating.

Middle Stump Sex Position. The receiving partner is standing. The giving partner is kneeling in front of the receiver to give oral sex.

More About Middle Stump Position

The great thing about foreplay is that it need not be limited to the start of a play date. Breaking up sex with a good amount of oral sex will only serve to raise the bar and make for a more stimulating climax.

In this sex position, it may be a good idea to provide something soft for the giving partner to kneel on - like sex furniture, pillows, or other padding. The standing partner may also want to lean against a wall or piece of furniture for support.



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