Cradle Position

Updated: FEBRUARY 3, 2022

Cradle sex position is an anal sex position that provides comfortable penetration while allowing room for both playmates to step it up a notch and get rocking back and forth as hard or as gently as they're in the mood for.

The mechanics of this position are simple. First, both partners need to adopt the most comfortable body placement to achieve the right level of top-down penetration. The coordinated effort will also be key to achieving this penetration. The partner on the bottom can also firmly grip their playmate's hips for more depth.

Cradle sex position. The penetrating partner sits down with their legs crossed in front of them. The receiving partner then sits in the penetrating partner's lap, facing their partner.

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Lap straddling, legs crossed, and interlocked passionately with eyes locked intimately - check. If you’re in the mood for a laid-back weeknight in, this one’s for you. Get comfy, hit the spot, and let the intimate tangle of bodies do the work for you.



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