Browse and Buzz Position

Published: MARCH 14, 2023

With the popularity of salacious material on the internet, many people masturbate in front of their computers. If that's the case for you, the Browse and Buzz sex position makes this a multi-tasking breeze!

A solo person is laying down on their stomach. A triangular piece of sex furniture is propped underneath them, holding a vibrator between their thighs. The person uses their laptop with both hands as the sex furniture is holding the vibrator in place for them..To get into this sex position, set your sex furniture a comfortable distance from your laptop (the sex furniture pictured is the Liberator Axis). Slide your favorite sex toy into your sex furniture and kneel in front of the sex furniture. Lean over the sex furniture, using your hands to keep it from sliding as much as possible. Pull your laptop within arm's distance, and you're ready to go!

More About Browse and Buzz Position

The Browse and Buzz sex position makes multi-tasking a breeze. Especially if you're someone who uses online content as fuel for your self-pleasuring fantasies, trying to physically pleasure yourself while simultaneously using a computer can be challenging. The Browse and Buzz position takes that challenge out of the picture by providing a hands-free sex toy setup that can be used alongside your computer.

The use of sex furniture is what makes the Browse and Buzz sex position possible. A sex toy mount allows for hands-free use of your favorite sex toy. In the illustration, the masturbating person is using a wand massager with the Liberator Axis. However, this same position can be explored with other options as well.

Rest the laptop on a table or desk for upright dildo riding with the Liberator BonBon, or enjoy a spooning position with the Liberator Wing and a favorite vibrator while still enjoying your favorite online erotica. For penis owners, the Liberator On a Mission can be used alongside a penis stroker for hands-free thrusting.

Unlike most masturbation positions, the hands-free nature of the Browse and Buzz sex position makes it a perfect fit for people who enjoy online roleplay or camming. The Browse and Buzz position leaves both hands open for easy typing and web browsing while simultaneously offering orgasmic pleasure. This might be the best way to write that erotic story you've been wanting to write!

The sex toy involvement doesn't need to stop there. As the Browse and Buzz position leaves the butt open and available, anal toys like the Nexus Simul8, Thump-It, Blush Be Me 3 Anal Beads and Cloud 9 Prostate Stimulator can be a great fit here. If you plan on doing a lot of humping, make sure you select an anal toy that will be comfortable within the cheeks and stay inside of the body. Anal beads or a weighted butt plug, like the b-Vibe Snug Plugs, can be a great choice.

The Browse and Buzz position isn't just for solo play either! If you're using the Browse and Buzz sex position as foreplay, it can easily transition into many doggy style positions. In particular, the Little Lift, Speed Bump, Flat Doggy Style, Plank on Top, Follow Through and Grand Slam positions can be entered seamlessly from Browse and Buzz.

As its one drawback, the Browse and Buzz position is lacking in discretion. It will be hard to hide what you're doing if someone walks in on you, so make sure you have privacy before exploring.

While the Browse and Buzz sex position is designed to be comfortable for most, it may not be ideal, or even possible, for everyone. The slightly inverted position can leave some inversion-sensitive people with headaches, and the chest-down position may be uncomfortable to those with breathing problems. Humping and grinding also requires a moderate amount of movement and can exacerbate back pain from arching. While the sex furniture will hold the majority of your weight, the Browse and Buzz position still leaves you partially on your knees, which may be problematic if you manage knee pain. Adding pillows can help. We also understand that this position can be extremely difficult for people with chronic pain or disabilities where mobility is a concern. If you use attendant care, it might be worth talking with them about how to set you up in this position and then leave you to do as you please.

With that in mind, if the Browse and Buzz sex position isn't honoring the body you're in today, that's OK! There are hundreds of other ways to masturbate that will be more comfortable and sustainable for your body.



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