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Lick This: How to Excite Desire with Your Tongue

by Kinkly
Published: NOVEMBER 18, 2016
Lick, kiss, lick, then kiss some more.

The average tongue is home to thousands of taste buds, allows us to eat, enables speech, inspires mischievous antics, and plays an important role in the art of physical intimacy. Part of the mouth’s erogenous zone, the tongue embodies the power to turn you and your partner on, inciting overwhelming fits of euphoria. Master the ultimate language of lust with these five essential lingual tips.


Give Off Libidinous Signals

Words aren’t always necessary. Beyond blushing, seductive smiles and prolonged gazes, express your interest by ever-so-slightly biting and licking your lips. If the occasion calls for it, part your lips and pout from time to time. Exercising subtlety is the key. What’s most important is to be strategic in your delivery. There’s no recipe for allurement. Simply go with your instincts. The occasional gulp when your mouth waters with anticipation may be all you need to seal the deal.

Speak Sensually with Sincerity

Before you’re buck naked riding reverse cowgirl under the biggest supermoon in 70 years, thoughts guide your mouth to communicate passion. Begin with innocuous compliments like “You look marvelous tonight” or “I like your style” before bumping your flirtatious banter up a notch or two. Enunciate important words and phrases. Pay attention to the body language between you. Feed off the vibrations, building sexual tension at a natural pace throughout the date. Sincerity makes all the difference.

Vary Kissing Techniques

Tease with soft kisses, little licks and gentle nibbles along the nape of the neck, earlobes, lips, shoulders, nipples, fingertips, hips, back of the knees, toes, and any other delectable spots that arouse. Apply enough pressure to tantalize. Take care not to tickle too much. With the tip of your tongue, trace pleasure transmitters like the buccal nerve that surrounds the mouth’s edge, the ilioinguinal nerve located at the top of the inner thigh, and the sweet spot where the collarbone meets the neck. Once you graduate to French kisses, alternate between more aggressive and tamer suckling. Make out like you’re teenagers in high school, late for curfew. (Read: Rock Her World: A Guy's Guide to Oral Sex.)


Deliver Delicious Oral Sex

Warm your partner up before diving into highly sensitive genital regions. Initiate slow and deliberate movements, incorporating a relaxed tongue and tender fingers. Gradually, work your way up to quicker gestures with a firm tongue. Ask for feedback. Voice excitement. Talk dirty. When you’re locked into a groove with your partner, wait to switch things up until you’re over the ecstatic plateau. Props are fun too! Melt ice cubes in your mouth before pressing them against hot skin. Lick whipped cream off naughty parts, allowing your tongue to wander the body before returning to the task at hand. Feel free to take breaks, deep breathes and sips of water. Remember, it’s not a race.

Reconnect During Sex

It’s easy to get lost in your own little world when you’re partner is going down on you. Sex presents the perfect opportunity to reconnect. While entangled, pause periodically and make eye contact while revisiting some of the previous tips. Stick your tongue out. Whisper something sexy like “I love the way you taste” or “This position feels so damn good” or “Touch me there again.” Then, lick, kiss, lick and kiss some more.


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