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June Is Adult Sex Ed Month: Why We’re Celebrating

Published: JUNE 1, 2016 | Updated: JUNE 7, 2022
There's so much more room in the world for credible, intelligent information about sex. Adult Sex Ed Month is designed to help readers connect with it. r

Over here at Kinkly, we're all for sex-positive celebrations. So, even though we just finished up the most marvelous Masturbation Month, we decided to jump back into another celebration that we really believe in: Adult Sex Ed Month. Adult Sex Ed is what we’re all about, so when Bobbie Morgan of A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind asked us to join in in 2013, we were happy to help spread the word. We've been joining in ever since. Bobbie Morgan was a regular contributor at Kinkly, a successful sex blogger (and Sex Blogging Superhero!) and the impetus behind the first Adult Sex Ed Month. We say “was,” because in November, we were sad to learn that she had passed away.


Bobbie believed that we needed a culture change in terms of the way we talk about sex; that we needed to take shame and embarrassment out of the equation; that there was much more room in the world for intelligent, credible information about sex. We couldn’t agree more. What she started helped to grow the conversation around sex education for adults. Her aim was to mobilize sex journalists, bloggers, sex educators and the sex industry to get the message out, to encourage healthy communication about sex, and to provide frank, intelligent and credible information about it.

We never got to meet Bobbie in person, but we’re very sorry that her voice isn’t out there in cyberspace anymore – and that she isn’t around to continue what she started. But we still believe in Adult Sex Ed Month and what it stands for. So, we’ve decided to continue promoting Adult Sex Ed Month. We hope you’ll join us. If you want to help out or contribute, contact us. Or, share some educational content on social media with the hashtag #AdultSexEdMonth. Also, keep an eye out on Kinkly for some special Adult Sex Ed Month content, events and giveaways.

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