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It’s STD Awareness Month!

Published: APRIL 3, 2017
April is STD awareness month. Here's why it matters - and what we have on tap.

In case you don't know, April is STD Awareness Month. It's a great initiative, but let's just start out by saying that it isn't that well named. I mean, seriously, just about everyone is aware of STDs. But being aware isn't enough. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), about 20 million new sexually transmitted infections occur every year in the United States. Plus, in recent years, the CDC has noted some alarming increases in reported STDs that had previously been in decline.


What's important to consider, is that in many cases, the spread of sexually transmitted infections is totally preventable. So, yeah, you might be aware of STDs, but we could probably all stand to learn a lot more about how to protect ourselves and our partners. After all, our bodies deserve the best!

There's also a lot of stigma and misconceptions out there about STDs and the people who have them. We want to talk about that too. Part of the reason behind the lack of education around STDs is the stigma that surrounds them. Bust the stigma and we can all get to talking - and listening - about this thing with a lot more clarity and understanding.

So, all this month, we'll be featuring content about sexual health and providing insight on what you can do not only to have safer sex, but to enjoy it too. We'll also be sharing great content on the topic from all over the web. So, if you spot an article, video or blog post that you love, contact us, or give us a shout on Twitter.


Let's kick this off with one we love. Below is social media manager and sex writer Ella Dawson's TEDx talk about STIs and her experience with having herpes.

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