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I feel like stress often shuts down my sex life. What can I do to manage better and keep me in the mood?


Stress is the antithesis of desire and pleasure. Therefore, when you are stressed sex will be at the bottom of your emotional and physical to-do list. If you want to move your sexuality to the top of your list, stress is the first thing you will want to reduce with self-care. Everybody speaks a different self-care language. For some, exercising is torture whereas for others it is a way to get in touch with their bodies. Experimenting with a wide range of stress-reduction self-care activities is the way to go. In addition, explore the meaning behind your stress. Is it anxiety? Are you overwhelmed and sad? What is it that is causing you to feel stressed? Reflect and develop a mindfulness practice around your emotional well-being. You can do this in or out of therapy.


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