How to Turn Bath or Shower Sex From Awkward to Amazing

Published: JULY 26, 2017 | Updated: JANUARY 14, 2022
If previous bath-time adventures failed to live up to your sexy expectations, try some of these tips before throwing in the towel.

Watch enough porn or perv the NSFW side of Tumblr long enough, and you’ll come across the image of naked, wet writhing bodies in the shower or tub. They contort their bodies, fuck without worry, and never seem to slip. In real life, bath and shower sex isn't that easy; you slip and slide, things get awkward and, let's face it, water is not the best lubricant.


Great sex in an aqueous environment isn't impossible, but if previous bath-time adventures failed to live up to your sexy expectations, try some of these tips before throwing in the towel.

Stand Still

Slippery when wet sounds sexy, but only when it applies to you or your partner, not the bottom of your tub. Bathtub and shower floors can be extremely slick once you add two pairs of feet and a bunch of water (and soap!). So, choose your shower or tub sex wisely. Put mats or treads on the bottom of your tub to prevent a not-so-sexy spill. Also remember to keep your body as stable as possible, especially while you’re standing or bent over.

Hold On

The last time I had sex in the shower, I was bent over almost double while my partner held my hips and found a good rhythm. He (and his cock) felt great. Even the water was nice. What wasn’t nice was the way my head nearly hit the shower wall with each thrust. The fix? I held onto the towel/shower bar in the tub (where washcloths usually hang). This also gave me leverage to push back against him. If you want to go one better, install a sturdy grab bar just for this purpose.


Go Slow

If what you want is wild, thrashing sex that shifts to a new position every few minutes, the shower or bath probably isn’t the place for you. You can enjoy a fast fuck in the water, but any movement from one sexual position to another will need to be slow and deliberate to avoid any slips or falls. Busting your ass in the tub isn’t sexy or fun.

Bring Your Toys

Toys in the bathtub are fun as long as they’re the right toys. Look for a fully waterproof toy, ideally one that's easy to hang on to (toys get slippery too). Read reviews before you buy a toy if you think you’ll use it in water. Plenty of toys claim they’re waterproof but some don’t hold up in the real world. (Get more tips in Water Masturbation - Have You Tried This Yet?)

O-wand is waterproof for shower or bath
The O-Wand is fully waterproof and includes an easy-to-grip handle, making it a great choice for the shower or bath.


Keep Your Face Out of the Water

Oral sex in the shower can be sexy and erotic - until you’re hit square in the face with water. It looks sexy in images but the reality can be very different. The stream of water going up your nose while you’ve got someone’s genitals in your mouth makes it difficult to breathe. (Ask me how I know.) Be mindful of your position and either move the shower head or make sure you’re in a good spot so you can stay comfortable (and avoid half-drowning!) while you pleasure your partner.

Get Dirty

Shower or bath sex are great for times when you don’t want to get the sheets or bed dirty. Period sex, golden showers, or even squirting orgasms are good candidates for shower and bath sex, depending on what you’re into and enjoy. Any mess goes right down the drain, and you don’t have to worry about changing sheets or cleaning up when you’re done.

Lube Up

If you intend to penetrate yourself or your partner during shower or bath sex, bring lube and lots of it. Water can wash away any natural lubricant produced by the body. Painful or difficult penetration doesn’t exactly add to the fun of getting freaky in the shower. Find a silicone or hybrid lubricant that you like and that doesn’t cause irritation. Keep it on hand for any penetrative sex, masturbation or sex toy play. (Just remember that silicone lubes don't mesh with silicone toys!)


End on Dry Land

Maybe you don’t want to bring your lube into the bathroom or the fear of slipping turns you off. In this case, you can let your shower be the start of something and finish on dry land. Wash each other and use the slickness of the soap to touch all the right places. Use your toy or just make out under the hot water. There’s no rule that says that the happy ending has to happen in the tub for it to count as shower sex.

The most important thing to remember about shower or bath sex is that it doesn’t have to, shouldn’t, and probably won’t match any fantasy you have in your head. Sex, in whatever form, is supposed to be fun. Laugh at the near-slips, the weird positions, and the water spraying you in the face. Take your time to find a position and rhythm that works best for you or your partner. And, when it’s not fun anymore, get out and move on to something that is.


Kayla Lords

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