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How to Stimulate the G-Spot – From the Outside

Published: APRIL 26, 2018 | Updated: AUGUST 24, 2021
Stimulating the G-spot from the outside can provide a whole new experience - and a whole new level of pleasure.

I get it. You're probably thinking, "Wait, I haven't even found the G-spot on the inside, yet!" Yet, finding your G-spot on the outside may actually be a beneficial way of seeking out this notoriously hidden component of the orgasm. This is also a piece for those of you who have explored your body and found the G-spot and want to include it even more in your escapades with yourself or with someone else. Here's how to do it.


An External G-Spot? Really?

Kate Sloan, podcaster, speaker and sex writer, described the sensation of finding her G-spot from the outside of her body on her website, Girly Juice, as a "craving" toward a specific spot on her lower belly that wanted pressure. She grabbed her partner's hand and "isolated two of his fingers, and pressed them hard into a spot on the border" between her pubic bone and stomach. It felt good. Eventually, Kate discovered that this was her external G-spot.

Dr. Martha Tara Lee, a clinical sexologist at Eros Coaching Pte. Ltd., explains some of the basics of the G-spot to me. Dr. Lee explains that the G-Spot, also known as the corpus spongiosum, urethral sponge, and female prostate, is most easily located when a person is sexually aroused and that it can often be felt by pressing on the interior front wall of the vagina with a finger or sex toy. To make the magic happen, Dr. Lee suggests that you may "need to move your finger in a 'come here' motion, or try thrusting or circular movements."

And as for the external G-spot? Yup, you can stimulate that too, by finding the same spot on the outside of your body. To find it, try pressing down on the inside of your G-sport and simultaneously pressing down on the outside until you meet fingers through your body. Or, just let pleasure be your guide and find the spot that feels the best.


What About Stimulating Both?

A combination of inside/outside pleasure can be described by Dana B. Myers, founder of Booty Parlor, who says that she's had many women tell her that they can increase sensation in their G-spot by "pressing on their abdomen externally while their G-spot is being stimulated internally."

She goes on to say that this may be because the pressure pulls back on the hood of the clitoris. "Adding in that C-spot stimulation - either direct or indirect - with this external pressing action to the G-spot experience can work to create a bigger, deeper, more satisfying orgasm." External G-spot stimulation can also lead to a blended orgasm, where sensations from both the clitoris and G-spot lead to what many people describe as a very full and satisfying climax.

Moreover, Myers explains that some experts believe the G-spot is an extension of the clitoris, and that the nerve pathways can be stimulated from the inner vaginal wall.


In order to stimulate the G-spot from the inside, the individual must be very turned on. This concept also translates when externally activating this pleasure zone. Sloan suggests having your partner perform cunnilingus while pressing down - hard - on your abdomen. Keep experimenting until you're turned on and ready to activate this sexy, elusive spot.

Dr. Lee reminds me that many women are more sensitive than others, and that there is no right way to have sex. For some people, the G-spot may be too small to find during intercourse or foreplay. For those who have found it, try pressing down on the abdomen during missionary positions or doggy style to see if it ups the ante. These two positions are the best way to achieve G-spot success.

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Go for the G-Spot

Whether you're experimenting with G-spot stimulation or are already a hard-core fan, externally stimulating the G-spot is a simple way to try something new - or scratch that itch from a whole new angle. Give a try - it could be orgasmic.

S. Nicole Lane

S. Nicole Lane is a sex journalist and visual artist living on the South Side of Chicago. She writes actively about health, wellness, and the arts. There is a high probability that she will corner you at a party to lecture you about HPV.

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