In our culture, we are commonly led to believe that orgasms are confined to the sexual organs; that there are certain points that when stimulated can trigger an orgasmic response. These points are usually assumed to be the clitoris, G-spot and cervix, and the penis and prostrate.

However, it is actually possible to have a full-body orgasm! Tantra teachers educate people on how to direct sexual energy out of the genitals so that it flows throughout the whole body. This is the ultimate pleasure – when every cell of your body tingles in delight.

You don’t need to become a fully-fledged Tantric guru in order to experience full-body pleasure. With enough practice anyone can master the technique. Here are some steps to bring full body orgasms into your life.

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Cultivate Awareness

Sofia Sundari, a Tantra teacher and author of "Liberation Into Orgasm," sees having a fully orgasmic body as our natural state. She suggests that one of the reasons we have ‘cut off’ our orgasmic potential is we aren’t aware of the pleasure we are experiencing right here, right now. We can begin to become more orgasmic by developing a subtle awareness of experiencing pleasure in the body.

She says, '’See how you can make love with all of your body. Train yourself to be aware even of the slightest pleasure in all of your body. Even now, wherever you are, you can soften some more. Liberate the spine, breathe a little deeper, drop into the pleasure that is already there. Just feeling your feet on the earth, bum on the chair or air touching your skin can be orgasmic.'’


Xanet Pailet is a Sex & Intimacy Coach and author of “Living an Orgasmic Life. ‘’ She says that breath is one of the most important tools for developing our orgasmic potential.

‘’When you take deep breaths into the belly and pelvis, you activate the vagus nerve, which is connected to all of our major organ systems, including the skin. This is why sustained deep breathing creates the sensation of tingling in the extremities and throughout the body.’’

So take up a practice that involves focus on the breath like yoga or meditation. Bring what you have learned into the bedroom. When you feel sexual pleasure building, remember to relax, breathe deep, and allow that pleasure to circulate through the entire body.


Tension blocks the flow of sexual energy so before sex or a self-pleasure practice, you might want to do something relaxing like taking a bath or having a massage. Sundari recommends regularly scanning your body to relax any clenched places, and noticing if you are tensing the jaw or pelvis. These are areas of the body where we commonly hold tension. This is an important principle to keep in mind during sex too. Because full body experiences require that we open up and surrender fully to pleasure, it can be helpful to relax and breathe deeply whenever we notice ourselves tensing up.

Make Some Noise!

In Tantric terms, when we have a full body orgasm we want to move our Kundalini, or primal energy, through energy centers throughout the body and into the top of the head. Pailet says that sound can also help the pelvis to relax and open, allowing the genital energy to move around the body.

‘’Sounds should be organic but I also teach people to use open vowels sounds like “Ah” or “Oh” because when the jaw is relaxed it opens up the pelvic floor. The most powerful sounds are the deep guttural animalistic sounds. Those tend to happen very organically.’’

Pailet has found that many women have shame around making noise during sex.

‘’It really helps to scream or growl. Most male partners really get turned on when their partner makes sounds.’’


Movement also allows energy to flow upwards. Pailet says, "moving the hips while you are breathing, making sound, and touching your genitals frees up sexual energy that may be stuck there. So move in whatever way feels natural to you to allow the sexual energy to flow."

Release Emotional Blocks to Guilt and Shame

Since we all have the potential to have full body orgasms then why are so few of us experiencing this pleasure? Sundari says that ‘’most people are cut off from their experience because they are bombarded by fears, or even a sense of unworthiness, a voice in their head that is saying, ‘’Can I really have that much pleasure?’’

Sundari says that men suppress their full body experience more than women because ‘’in our culture men are not supposed to be expressive.’’

So it’s worth asking yourself, is there anything that may be holding you back from truly relaxing and opening up to the orgasmic pleasure that is available to you? Do you feel self-conscious about making sound or moving in certain ways? As the pleasure starts building, try to surrender to the feelings of pleasure, and remember that you are worth it!

Now, Try This Exercise

Bring your awareness to the perineum. Feel the energy in that area. Now move your attention to the pelvis. Scan your pelvis - what can you feel? Can you feel coolness, warmth or heat in your pelvis? Do you perceive any colors? Next, bring your attention up – feel or imagine that light is rising up your spine, all the way to the top of your head.

As you inhale, squeeze the muscles of your pelvic floor, known as the PC muscles and direct your energy upwards. As you exhale relax your whole body and feel or imagine how the energy spreads throughout your whole body.

Then add movement. Move your pelvis forward as you move your energy up. Move your pelvis backwards as you let the energy spread. Practice this whenever you like throughout the day. And bring it into your love-making and self-pleasure practice too.

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