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How To Have a Full Body Orgasm

Published: DECEMBER 20, 2020 | Updated: SEPTEMBER 28, 2021
With enough practice anyone can master the techniques that can lead to a full body orgasm. And we guarantee you're going to enjoy trying!

Have you ever had those orgasms that you barely notice? You know the ones - where you're going so hard at masturbation that the orgasm feels relieving—but 30 seconds later, you're happily back at work with no real lasting memory or thought about that orgasm 30 seconds earlier?


Yeah, turns out our bodies are capable of orgasming at the same, easy-to-ignore intensity of a sneeze. And you know what? That's totally awesome. If all you want is that 5 seconds relief and then to get back to your day, that's something your body can do.

But if you want more? Well, full-body orgasms are totally a thing. What does that mean? Exactly how it sounds: orgasms that are felt outside of the genitals and throughout your entire body, they can be brought on by exploring things alone, with the right toy or with a partner. Full-body orgasms are usually described as "exhausting", "life-changing", "energizing", "connecting", "spiritual", "emotional", "explosive", and more.

Hey—we all experience orgasms differently!


So, has the idea of full body orgasms caught your attention? We thought so. Let's look at some ways to bring these all-encompassing orgasms more frequently into your bedroom.

Be Present

Do you know how hard it is to have full-body orgasms if your mind keeps flitting away to what groceries you need to add to the shopping list when you're done? If you answered "very hard", you'd be right. Experiencing full-body orgasms requires full-body attention—which includes your brain too.

Instead, your full focus needs to be on the task at (literal) hand. How does it feel when you speed up the intensity of the thrusting? What's your breathing like? Where does your body feel warm? Is there a breeze you can feel on your skin? How does it feel if you touch yourself somewhere new with your free hand? Can you imagine yourself experiencing that full body orgasm? Has the pleasure made it into your toes in any form? In order to experience full body orgasms, you need to cultivate awareness—and be present in the experience in both body and mind.

(Having issues focusing? You might consider some mindfulness or meditation practice outside of sex as well. It will translate into higher focus within the bedroom too!)


Did you know that, as we get close to orgasm, most of us start irregularly breathing —or even holding our breath? At the very least, as most of us experience pleasure, we take shorter breaths than our everyday breaths—in fact, it's a sign that most of us use to figure out if our partners are getting close to orgasm.

However, shortening your breath like this can reduce your ability to be fully aware of what's going on and can actually reduce the resources your body has available to cultivate full-body orgasms. Shortened breathing increases your heart rate and blood pressure, and you're unable to use all of your respiratory muscles as well—which, y'know, are part of your full-body.

Deep breaths are where it's at when you're trying to explore full-body orgasms. Not only does it help you stay present within your body (like we talked about earlier), but it also encourages your body to take the "long way around" to hit orgasm - which encourages you to luxuriate in pleasure and add more sensations to the experience. When you feel your breathing start to shorten as you get closer to orgasm, forcefully require yourself to breath deeper and mentally focus on spreading that pleasure throughout the entire body with each breath.


Relax Tense Places

Relaxing falls under the same category of deep breathing. As we get closer to orgasm, we tend to tense up, even in spots we're not noticing. Your toes curl, your jaw tenses, and you might even brace your abs. All of those tense movements are not helping the pleasure move throughout your body.

So each time you take those deep breaths, take stock of what parts of your body are currently tense—then relax them.

And don't worry if you keep tensing them! That's not a "failure," that's just your body responding to how it's used to responding that's gotten you to orgasm hundreds of times in the past. Instead, understand that it's your body's natural reaction—not a downside—and gently relax yourself while staying submerged in all of the pleasurable sensations going on in your body. This is especially important as you near orgasm.

Draw Out The Experience

The intensity of orgasm increases with the time spent on getting there (for most people). This means edging—and taking your time—are fantastic ways to increase your likelihood of having a full-body orgasm when everything's said and done.

Don't be in a rush if you're expecting full-body orgasms. Melting into sexual pleasure usually requires time, mental presence, and focus, plus lots of time to tease your body and bring it the pleasure it wants.


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Treat Masturbation Like Its Own Thing

If you're hoping to experience full body orgasms, you need to "give your all" to masturbation (or whatever type of pleasure you're experiencing). This means you probably aren't going to find much success while on a ten-minute time crunch—or while having to field texts about something entirely unrelated.


To have a better chance of experiencing full-body orgasms, your orgasmic experimentation needs to focus on your time with yourself—and it needs to be quality time with yourself and quality toys, too.

Verbalize Where It's Comfortable

Your vocal cords—and your ears—are parts of your body too, and when you cut off your body's natural response to make noise, you might end up blocking an efficient channel that would help you experience full-body orgasms. Avoid that by intentionally allowing yourself to make the noises that your body wants to make while experiencing pleasure.

Those sexy noises might be moans, it might be sighs, it might even be specific words. Whatever it is, if you're able, allow your body to make them. Not only do you get the freeing experience of speaking it, but you also involve your sense of hearing by getting to hear the words as well.

(Bonus! If this helps you get comfortable with making noise during partnered sex, you might find that most of your partners are very turned on by someone who's verbally enjoying themselves during sex!)


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Add In Other Pleasure Spots

It makes sense that having full-body orgasms just might involve places other than your genitals, right? This means you need to add in more pleasure spots

Explore less-common pleasure spots during your self-exploration. You might find that the back of your neck is extremely sensitive during your solo exploration. Maybe your inner elbow is. You might enjoy the sensual feeling of running your hands down your body.

Of course, other intentionally-sexual zones can be a great addition as well. Nipples, the anal area, the perineum, the labia, the testicles, and the lips on your face can all be intentionally-sexual erogenous zones - and ones I recommend exploring with your free hand! Alternatively, additional toys like butt plugs or nipple clamps can help add more sensation when you don't have the free hand to spare.

Add in more pleasure spots around the body—explicitly sexual and not—to help unlock the full body's participation in your orgasm.

Read This Quick Example

Not quite sure how this would all work together? Consider this quick example to show you all of these tips in use:

While lightly stroking the penis, he drags the fingers from his free hand along the curvature of his inner thigh. He stops to consider the warmth of his nearby heater and how it compares to the cooler skin on the side that isn't facing the heater. He opens his eyes to peek at his surroundings, but as the bright light invades, he chooses to welcome the darkness his eyelids provide instead. He feels the sensual way that his strokes provide the pleasure that almost seems to slide up his spine.

He takes the other hand and draws it up his pelvis, letting out an audible hiss as he gently allows his fingernails to drag against his soft skin. The movement causes his pelvic muscles to contract, and he feels his penis jump in his hands as the pleasure mounts. He feels his breathing start to accelerate, but he catches it, and forces himself to take a huge breath despite the clenching from his pelvis wanting to rush the experience.

His stroking hand feels fantastic as his spare hand gently plays with the skin around his throat. He allows his hips to move freely as they work in tandem with the sensations his hand provides with each stroke. He feels the urge to release a moan, and he lets his body do so, surprised as how much it feeds his desire to mount the pleasure even higher. Turns out there's something to be said for slowing things down, focusing on all of the areas, and forcing the body to slow down to involve every part possible.

Be Forgiving

Finally, we make it to the most important tip of this entire article. You need to be forgiving and accepting of your body.

It's the weirdest thing about orgasms and sex: the things you want tend to happen when you're not explicitly looking for them. Having a laser-focus on "achieving a full body orgasm" can actually stand in the way of getting to that explosive orgasm. Having a focus on exploring your body, putting these tips into action, and seeing what happens, though? That can lead to the orgasmic finish you're hoping for. Our bodies and brains just don't respond that well sexually to the same goal scheduling that our workloads do.

It's also worth noting that your body's idea of "full-body orgasms" may not be anything like how other people describe their full-body orgasms. Yours might not be as all-encompassing—or it might feel entirely different: like a "draining" sensation. Your orgasm intensity might vary depending on the day—including what day of the month it is. It's all normal, and you need to be forgiving and accepting of your body's uniqueness, even when it's in the way of "achieving" this goal you've set out to achieve. Your journey may just take you somewhere else.

There's Always More

If you're interested in more information, you might want to look into Tantra. Tantric sex teachings focus on full-body involvement and full-body orgasms with mindfulness—and you might find some great tips there to further your full-bodied orgasm journey!

There are a wide variety of sex toys out there to help you explore what feels good to you. Enjoy them by yourself and when you know what feels good to you, you can share it with your special person if you have one and you want to.

Either way, enjoy the journey, the added pleasure to your sex life, and the self-exploration that helps you learn more about yourself!

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