How Do Lesbians, Um, DO It?

by Kinkly
Published: SEPTEMBER 14, 2015
Sex between women is like any other kind of sex: It's based on personal preference and what feels good.

There are a ton of misconceptions centered on how lesbians have sex. It’s no wonder that this happens. Most porn (and many mainstream depictions of how ladies do it) is meant for the male gaze, and is tailored to what they like to watch - not necessarily what women want to do. The Internet is replete with double dildos, women kissing each other with their tongues twirling in the air (pretty gross), and (of course) men interrupting them for a threesome. Because, apparently, it’s not porn unless a penis is involved. It’s only in the past few years that we’ve seen an increase in porn for women, by women. What we see is a more realistic and intimate portrayal of women having fun. Since not everyone has access this awesome sight, I’ve decided to debunk a few misconceptions about gilr-on-girl love.


Myth #1: The Infamous Double Dildo

I’m not saying absolutely no one on the face of the planet uses the double dildo. I’m sure there’s someone out there, but I don't think it's as many people as pornography would have you believe. Before writing this article, I asked everyone I know if they'd ever used one and they just looked at me like I should have known better. I’ve looked in sex shops and didn’t see anything either. I’ve had better luck with online sex shops, but it doesn't look like these things are exactly flying off the shelves. To each their own, I guess, but most couples I spoke to feel that double dildos are needlessly complicated. There are a ton of strap-ons that do the same thing. Some even have vibration buttons on each side of the harness so that both women can come together. (Read more in Let's Talk About (Strap-On) Sex, Baby.) This brings me to my next point…

Myth #2: Lesbian Sex Is Different

It’s not. Really. I’m not making this up. Some women are into strap-on sex and some aren’t. Those who are into it simply pull a harness over their hips, place a dildo through a ring around the crotch area, wear a condom and go to town. Just. Like. You. If we aren’t into the strap-on thing, fingers will do much of the same thing. Lesbians may have vanilla sex, we may be kinky, but the process is still the same. It isn’t some mystical art form. It’s just two people trying to please each other and get off. Simple, right?

Myth #3: Scissoring

This actually isn’t a myth. Lesbians really do scissor. However, the community is divided on whether or not it feels good. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, check this out (the link is obviously NSFW). Scissoring is notorious for being difficult to do, but apparently there’s a ‘sweet spot’ when you find the right position that can make it feel amazing. Some lesbians swear by it, others claim to feel nothing at all. It ultimately boils down to preference. Do all lesbians get off this way? Nope. Do all straight people get off the same way? Exactly.


In short, there are a ton of weird rumors surround the topic of lesbian sex. Most of these misconceptions are fueled by mainstream porn, which is a heavily distorted representation of how women actually do it. However, this lack of knowledge can be remedied. Find some good porn created for women. Or, if you want to view something a little more SFW, you could check out this YouTube channel which, beyond being comedy gold, clears up a lot of ridiculous rumors about lesbian sex, and lesbians in general. I hope I’ve cleared up a few skewed ideas about how women get it on. If you’re interested in more, you can check out the resources above. As always happy exploring, and have fun.


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