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Sex Stories We Love: Hot Summer Sex, Dirty Talk Is the New Sexting, & Relying on Reddit

Published: MAY 29, 2019 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022
In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we explore some hot ways you can keep your sexy shenanigans more exciting!

Some people are adventurous while others are a little conservative when it comes to trying new sexual activities. Some will jump in with all parts forward and others will lead with a toe at a time. Whatever your comfort level with new and exciting sexual adventures, this week's Sex Stories We Love offers tips and advice on a wide variety of options.


Hot Summer Sex

Where I live, summer is just starting to come alive. The air is finally warming up. The sun is out. The world is becoming a sexier place by the minute. Can you tell I love summer? I know some people find the heat and humidity unbearable, but I am all for getting hot and steamy to match the weather. There are just so many more options to add to your sexual bucket list in warm weather! Sure, it can be damn sexy to curl up with a sexy someone under a blanket when the weather is cold and frightful. In the summer, though, you can throw that blanket into the corner! Okay, okay...I'll stop. But if you're as hot for hotness as I am, be sure to add some of these sexy summer activities to your "must try" list.

Rediscovering Dry Humping

What were your first encounters like? For many, kissing led to some touching which then led to the least appealing phrase in all of sexdom: dry humping. I mean, it sounds goofy AF. Do you have fond memories of grinding your sexy bits against that person you fawned over all summer? The delicious ache, the potential for a surprise orgasm...dry humping, despite its moniker, is an incredible sexual experience that many people abandon once they're able to shuck their skivvies for full-on naked playtime. However, just imagine how erotic and sexy it will be to turn back time to your days of frustration and turn that feeling into a new-but-revisited sexual experience. So much potential for that dry to turn wet really fast.

Dirty Talk Is the New Sexting

Do you sext? Do you send your lover(s) dirty messages over apps? Would you say that same things in person? Ever since texting and instant messaging became integral parts of our social connections, sex took a new, prominent place in how we communicate our desires to our partners. Have two-thumbed typing replaced wanton whispers and sensual soliloquies? Talking dirty ain't easy. Letting words that are verboten in all other situations flow can be intimidating. That's probably why many folks find sexting much easier. Don't underestimate just how big a turn-on dirty talk is for lots of people. Ironically, the best way to find out if dirty talk works for both of you is to talk...but not dirty. At least, not at first. Communicate that desire and see if you're both into it or at least willing (or wanting) to try it. And if you are, pretend you're pounding a smartphone keyboard and go wild.


Say No Whenever You Want

While we're on the topic of communication, let's take a moment to remember just how crucial effective communication is in a sexual relationship. Making your feelings known and understood can lead to amazing and fulfilling sex. Making yourself understood can also ensure that you and your partner(s) are on the same wavelength—especially if one of you decides to stop the current sexual situation. You or your lover are always allowed to stop at any moment and no reason is ever required. However, when passion is high and hormones are flowing, some people aren't the best listeners. We've been raised to think that no really only means maybe. While it is still taking some time to change that societal mindset, if you find yourself in a scene that you want to end, these nine ways to say no to sex that has started are crucial to your safety and well-being.

Getting Into Golden Showers

As we move toward a more sex-friendly world (damnit, we're trying!), the idea of trying something new sexually has moved away from keeping the lights on or having sex outdoors or even threesomes and moresomes. These are all still big sex milestones for some. Yet, more folks are looking to add a bit more of an edge to their sex. Think BDSM, fetish, and paraphilia. There is a wild world of sexual experiences to be had and inspiration can come in so many different forms. One such activity gaining steam is piss play. Watersports, golden it what you will. More and more people are starting to call pee play fun. No, it isn't going to be for everyone. And, yes, a discussion certainly must happen beforehand. If the thought of peeing on someone or being peed on intrigues you, check out this guide to getting the stream started!

Relying on Reddit?

Finally, if you're looking to try something sexy and new, but don't know where to get ideas. Should you rely on Reddit? This is definitely not always going to be a good idea, but one thread sure came through!

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