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Sex Stories We Love: Groundbreaking Women, Hot as Fuck & New in Toys

Published: AUGUST 29, 2018 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022
In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we look at some different additions and distractions that affect our sex lives.

It is impossible to avoid the influences of outside factors on our sex lives. Some are good. Some are challenging. Even if you are dead-set determined to enjoy some sexytimes, the rest of the world might have a say in the matter. This week's Sex Stories We Love looks at some additions and distractions to how we have sex.


Groundbreaking Women

Let's start with some of the most positive influences of all: six women who braved their societies and the law to move sexual equality forward for other women. In our current culture, it can be a challenge for younger folks to understand that sexual and reproductive rights and justice were denied to women less than 100 years ago. It's not hard to understand since these battles are still on-going in some areas. Yet, throughout the last century, strong women such as Loretta Ross, Joani Blank, Virginia E. Johnson, Helen Gurley Brown, Margaret Sanger, and Emma Goldman, to name just a few, have been challenging and winning. Let's help carry on their fight.

Light Up, Turn On

If you see a great big cloud of smoke in the northern hemisphere on October 17, don't worry. The world isn't on fire. That's the day marijuana becomes legal in Canada. By the same reasoning, Canadians, if you see smoke coming from your neighbor's bedroom window, again, don't worry. Those folks just might be testing to see if weed can help people feel more comfortable in the bedroom - particularly women. Because of the legalities, there just hasn't been enough true research on the potential benefits of pot and sex. So far, we can only rely on anecdotal evidence, but that's still encouraging. For those who have experienced trauma or have anxiety during sex, marijuana just might be a great aid. Time will tell.

Is Prosperity Sexy?

As sex surveys emerge as a viable course of study that truly help us understand the goings on of our sex lives, something else the discipline offers is unique information. This study, looking at the correlation between owning specific consumer goods and home conditions and the likelihood of having sex in developing countries, provides some interesting data. How do they connect? Floors, cars, refrigerators, televisions ... all of these speak to a growing prosperity and perhaps a rise in a more leisurely society, with mobility being a key factor in the opportunity for sex. Yet, this interpretation is coming from a North American understanding. We definitely need a deeper dive into this data.


Hot as Fuck

Summer is coming to an end where I live and I am seriously bummed out about that. Although, I have to say, that this year was particularly hot. That made sexy shenanigans a challenge. I mean, I love the heat, but when you lie there at night and barely want to move, let alone be touched by another person, well ... that's a clear sign to take the night off. Extreme heat and humidity are a definite turn off for a lot of people, but you don't have to abandon sex entirely. You might need to get a little creative!

Playing the Game

For some, video games might actually be a distraction from sex. If your partner is more interested in pushing a game's buttons than yours, maybe you should take that opportunity to enjoy some personal pleasure time and feel great on your own. On the other hand, I think there has long been a hope that video games would someday influence sex much in the way of porn. If you love playing video games and love sex, surely the idea of incorporating those two together must be appealing. Unfortunately, it is infinitely harder to create life-like (or even recognizable!) characters in animation than it is to wire some hot folks to fuck on camera. To this point, video games just don't portray sex all that nicely. Maybe someday you can get you UpUpDownDown...

New in Toys

Finally, are you looking to add some new toys to your pleasure chest? Try freshening up your tickle trunk with some of the latest sex toys of 2018.

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