Fluffy Bunny: My Foray Into Furry Sex

by Kinkly
Published: FEBRUARY 2, 2016 | Updated: JANUARY 14, 2022
There's nothing like finding something new in the world that turns you on, especially if it comes in a giant bunny suit.

“I’m a bunny. I am big, fluffy bunny. I’m a big, bad, fluffy bunny about to get mega fucked, super hard like a big, fluffy bunny should. Hop! Hop like a mega fluffy looking-to-be-fucked. Hop! Hop! I say!”


To be honest, jumping around on all fours in a giant bunny costume was more exhausting than I thought it would be. And we weren’t even banging yet.

I hopped around our cheap one bedroom apartment, trying to get into the head of a bunny who was about to be destroyed by another, very horny, bunny. Or at least I hope he was horny. I hope we don’t just break scene, start laughing uncontrollably, and end up watching Netflix tonight instead. That’d be such a waste.

At this point I ask myself, “Are the carrots too much?” I looked across the wall-to-wall carpeting to see piles of carrots bunched in two corners of the room.


“Surely carrots and rabbits go hand in hand, but was that going too far? What was I thinking we could do with them? Fuck each other's asses? Is that what I put them there for?”

Suddenly the image of both of us sitting in our giant bunny suits in the emergency room to get a carrot removed didn’t seem like the best way the night could end. So I gathered them up and put them in the fridge. I guess we could make soup tomorrow.

As I got up on my two human feet, I could feel the cold zipper on my freshly-shaved pussy as the over-sized costume dragged me down to the floor. Every once in awhile a hair from my landing strip would catch in the metal and I tried to enjoy the pain as it was a free plucking and a little red always seems to excite.


I repeated to myself, “I’m a naughty little bunny, I’m a naughty little bunny, I’m a - ” then broke mid-sentence. The doorbell was ringing. He was here.

I fell to all fours again, scurrying out of the kitchen “I’m a little bunny!”

How did we get here? How does a somewhat vanilla sex life escalate into (what we were hoping would be) a giant bunny sex romp?


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It started on the day when I finally laid my sword and shield down, when I relaxed into the relationship and accepted that he loved me. It was a year and a half into our courtship. Everything had moved quite fast into the comfy partnership. We were a domesticated, monogamous couple. This was a safe feeling for me, although I did have concerns about “missing out” since I was 17 years younger than him. Often, he’d rather cozy up on a Saturday night than go out, which was fine for the moment, but I had fears that this was it for me and my youthful fun-filled days.

He could feel my worry. I think very often, the older person in the relationship feels like they have some youth left to prove. You know, that they are still “with it,” energetic, and just like anyone who is 17 years their junior. Often these older men overcompensate for their insecurities, which leaves us young women with a born again teenager on our hands.

Igor was no different. I gave him his first pill of E, he became the backup guitar player in my band, and he started wearing T-shirts all the time … he even bought a hoody.


I was 23 and he was 40. He was 40 and needed to keep his 23-year-old girlfriend.

It occurred to me that we were also of a different generation, especially regarding sex. Porn had always been available to me. I grew up with the Internet - and it grew up with me. As a result, nothing seems that shocking anymore.

My boyfriend, on the other hand, grew up in a more conservative time when it came to sex. He knew of the weird stuff out there, but it wasn’t as casual to him.


The first time I had heard about furry porn was in an examination of Stephen King’s "The Shining." Weird place to hear about it, I suppose. Still, the “bear scene” is a brief moment in the film when Wendy, beginning to see the same “1920’s Party” events that Jack’s been seeing, is wandering through the halls of the hotel. As she looks around a corner, she sees two shapes huddled over the edge of a bed. As she looks, they are revealed to be two men, possibly engaged in oral sex. One is wearing what looks to be a bear costume.

Somehow this always stayed with me, although I'd never really seen furry porn online. I just thought “Wow, that’s kind of hot.”

Fast forward, we were at a party held by an old friends of Igor’s. The room was bustling with artistic 40 somethings, all very cool, and very comfortable with themselves. As I strutted around with my drink, trying not to look too young and out of place, I happened upon a beautiful woman who was standing alone. As we conversed she revealed to me that she is a costume shop owner. After about an hour of chatting, she said if my band ever needed a costume, she’d give it to us for free.

For the moment, I thought about my band and the out-of-control nights we were already having. Bottles being smashed, monitors falling onto the audience, band members having to leave the stage covered in blood. The last thing we needed was a costume covered in puke that we couldn’t afford to get cleaned.

“I bet you have a lot of sexy costumes at your store”.

She laughed and said, “Yeah sure, the French maid thing - all that. You can have those too, if you want.”

I paused. Is a clichéd costume something we really need? Would it just belittle our special relationship? No. Igor and I are better than that. We are past French maids. We are special. We are “furry special.”

“Could you alter the costumes in any way or are they ‘come as you are,’ so to speak?” I asked, wondering how I would bring this up.

She said “Sure, if you need something to be smaller, we could alter it.”

“What about adding a zipper?” I hinted. She is going to have no idea what the hell I’m getting at.

“Yeah, sure, if you want, we can add a zipper… What kind of zipper would you need to add?”

I jumped right into it.

“Look! You know my boyfriend Igor, right?”

She smiled and said, “Yes, for years.”

"Great! Well, I had this idea for a little bit of fun for him, but I don’t want you to say anything."

“OK …” she said smiling.

“I want us to have furry sex.”

“Furry sex?” She took a moment. ”Furry sex!” She started laughing. “If that’s what you guys are into.”

“I have no idea if we are into it, but you may be our only chance to find out.”

“I’d love to help you.”

So we made the deal. The two costumes were to have zippers added, one needed to have a space for face access. Those were the guidelines. I wanted to be surprised. I met her at the subway station between our apartments. I brought a bouquet of flowers, she brought the bunnies wrapped in giant plastic garbage bags. The exchange had been made; there was no going back now.

I returned home to the apartment, put the bags on the bed, closed the door to the room, and waited for him to arrive.

I broke it to him the best way possible: be really, really excited about it. Let him see how super excited I am about it, then he will be excited about it, too. He wouldn’t want to disappoint little old me, now would he?

Of course he wouldn’t, and it worked. I said the costumes were in the next room, I told him to pick one and take it to work with him the next day. After work he would change into the costume and come home as a bunny ready to fuck. These were the instructions.

Young and crazy! We are young and crazy!

The doorbell rang. He’s here.

I fell to all fours, scurrying out of the kitchen, “I’m a little bunny!”

I crawled in a circle around our living room floor. I heard the key in the door, key turn, lock unlock, and door open. Footsteps getting louder, coming at me through the hallway and then stopped. I looked up.

Standing there in front of me was a middle aged man wearing a giant white mascot rabbit costume. His head was five times the size of a human’s, the ears so tall they hit the frame of the door. Giant eyes and a giant fixed smile with long whiskers, black nose and giant bunny feet. I had no idea it would all be so elaborate. After 10 seconds of pure shock, I broke out into laughter.

Laughter started coming from the giant fixed bunny head. A familiar laugh, one that I knew - but everything else was different. Covered.

Under all that fur and fluff, there was a sweaty hot man making a fool of himself, all because he wanted to make me happy. He loved me. There was suddenly something very hot about it all and I remembered why we were here now. We were here to fuck!

I turned away from him and said, “I’m a little bunny in a large open meadow! I hope no one - ” I broke into laughter again.

I continued.

“I hope that there is not another bunny that will fuck me too hard today.” After spitting out the last words, I got a hold of myself and continued hopping on all fours.

Slowly, the snickering stopped from inside the giant bunny head. He moved forward, getting on all fours, he hopped towards me finally in silence.

I leapt around the room, trying to remain as quiet as I could. He followed me just a couple of hops behind. He was stalking me. At this point I was regretful that I had taken the carrots out of the picture since there was little for me to do other than mime bunny actions. But he remained consistent, moving slowly after me, like a real rabbit would.

The giant silence made things hotter and hotter until a paw was stretched out, and he began stroking my back.

I got goosebumps.

Looking into the fixed eyes and face of the giant bunny-head and not knowing how he was looking at me, made me wet.

We looked at each other for a moment. Total silence.

Then with one paw, he unzipped the zipper, which caught a bit on the fur.

His hand shook as the zipper slid down. Finally it was open enough to take out his hard cock.

“Oh my god! His cock is hard! He’s actually into this!” A voice yelled in my head.

“And I’m wet! I’m actually into this, too!”

I sat up and started to suck the naked shaft coming out of the furry costume. It was the only bit of exposed skin for the eye to see.

“This is actually super hot!

I sucked and sucked, glancing up occasionally at the fixed bunny smile, hearing heavy breathing from within.

I was so excited. I found something new in the world that turned me on. I am a woman, growing in experience. A new life lay ahead of me!

I felt the strong arm of the bunny push me down to all fours. He turned me around and reached under me from behind, unzipped my zipper, and put it in me from behind.

I took it and could feel the grin spreading on my face, from ear to ear.

Louder and louder, moans came from inside the giant bunny-head, until, finally, he was finished.

We both fell to the floor laughing, shaking our heads at how hot that actually was.

After that we returned the costumes, and we never really talked about it again. Other things came up in the relationship and this little experience somehow got lost in it all. I know it’s hard to believe after all that. Still, it remains in my happy memory bank. It's something I’d love to do again with someone I love.

This article was originally published by Liberator Unzipped. It is reprinted with permission.


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