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Filming Yourself In the Act: What You Should Know Before You Put on a Show

Published: DECEMBER 7, 2012 | Updated: DECEMBER 7, 2012
Putting on a show can be sexy, but it isn't always safe.
Have you ever had sex so hot that it left you thinking damn, someone should tape this? Or maybe you had it all planned out from the start (or, better yet, someone else played director). While making a sex tape - and maybe even watching it later - is all in good fun, there's one little problem with making a hard copy of what happens in private: Someone else might see it. And while you and your partner may be in a stage of blissful coupledom right now, but if you call it quits, a sex tape can provide the ultimate form of breakup revenge.

Sure, an "accidental" leak may have worked out pretty well for Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and other pseudo celebrities, but what about those of us who don't make a living on tabloid photos and product endorsements? As you might imagine, the answer to this question isn't sexy at all. (Looking for some sexy video action with less permanence? Check out a No-Fuss Guide to Skype Sex.)

Sex Tape Blackmail

In November 2011, reported that a man in Newtown Square, Penn., allegedly published a sex tape he created with his ex girlfriend for all of the Internet to see as a form of revenge for what he called a devastating breakup. He later told police officers that he was "trying to be hateful." According to news reports, the woman in the tape lost her job and suffered harassment as a result of the video's release. Talk about triple-x revenge!

Another incident involved a 34-year-old British man who attempted to exploit a sex tape he made with his 17-year-old girlfriend. (Clearly, there are a few inappropriate things going on here besides sex-tape blackmail!) According to The Daily Mail, the man flew into a rage when the young woman ended the relationship, and her ex threatened to release their sex tape online. The ploy failed to reunite the couple; the man was forced to pay a fine, perform community service and delete the sex tape.

Accidental Sex Tape Slips

While sex tapes are often released intentionally, sometimes they slip out accidentally. In 2009, a teacher from Elk Grove, California, accidentally distributed a tape to her fifth-grade students! According to CBS News, the teacher distributed a video to her class of their memories from the past school year. Unfortunately, the teacher made the unwise choice to record over an existing tape. After several scenes of class projects and school field trips, the video cut to an explicit sex scene, starring the teacher. Oops ... We're all for sex ed, but this bold presentation could have cost the teacher her job.

Should You Put on a Show?

If there's anything we can learn from sex tape leaks - celebrity and otherwise - it's that filming yourself in the act may be one of those things that only seems like a good idea at the time.

The obvious precaution to take? Turn the camera off and commit those ultra-hot encounters to memory. No cameras, no problem. And for those of you who just can't help yourselves, at least try to be clever when it comes to baring all for the camera. Set some rules with your partner about how and where the sex tape will be stored - and how it will be handled if the relationship combusts, leaving that smoldering evidence behind. (If you're into sending racy photos and messages to your honey by text message, read Safe Sext: 5 Free Smartphone Apps That Keep Things Private.)
Amber Belus

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