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Explore the Unforgettable Blended Orgasm

Published: JUNE 29, 2020 | Updated: SEPTEMBER 28, 2021
Want to whip up a blended orgasm or two? With some patience and some strong sex toys, blended orgasms can be yours!

Clitoral orgasm, P-spot orgasm, prostate milking, blended orgasm, multiple orgasms, tantric orgasms, hands-free orgasms, orgasm denial, A-spot orgasms, hypnotic orgasms, edging - oh, there are certainly a whole lot of ways to describe orgasms.


Turns out, the breadth of the human sexual experience is wide - and amazing!

Blended orgasms are just one way that some people experience that orgasmic release, and we're going to be talking about it today.

What is a Blended Orgasm?

First off, there is no such thing as a "normal" orgasm. However your body experiences orgasm is a-okay and awesome. Don't ever let someone tell you that "your" version of orgasm isn't right or that it "needs improvement".


That being said, every type of orgasm is different. Even for the same person, an orgasm you have on Tuesday might feel different than an orgasm you have on Friday. That's perfectly normal too! In order to discuss these differences, over time, a multitude of terms have evolved to allow us to neatly categorize our sexual experiences - and our orgasms. (Humans do love their categories, don't they?)

"Blended Orgasm" is one of those terms. Essentially, most people use the term blended orgasm to discuss an orgasm that's achieved through multiple types of simultaneous stimulation of orgasmic zones. Yeah, that's a lot of big words.

In simple terms: a blended orgasm is what happens when you pleasure two hot spots at once. On a vagina-owning human, hitting the G-spot and clitoris is a pretty popular one. If you own a penis, your blended orgasms might include simultaneous prostate stimulation and penile stimulation.


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Of course, more pleasure spots can be added to your blended orgasm as well. Nipples, the perineum, and the lips can all be fantastic additions to your pleasure play. You don't need to limit yourself to just two!

A lot of the articles and information about blended orgasms focuses on vagina-owning people, but penis-owning people can achieve blended orgasms as well! As long as there are two spots on your body that provide intense, near-orgasmic or orgasmic pleasure for you, blended orgasms are a thing!

A "blended orgasm" is a "blending" of the pleasure of all of your spots that comes together into a powerful orgasm. Powerful orgasm, you say? Well, yes. A lot of people love blended orgasms because they feel so intense. It makes sense; if orgasm from a single pleasure spot is great, orgasm that builds from constant stimulation of more-than-one pleasure spot is likely to feel even more awesome!

People who've experienced blended orgasms describe them as "full-body" or "Earth-shattering". Blended orgasms tend to be described as "fulfilling", "exhausting", "satisfying" more often than other types of orgasms. After all, it can take a lot of energy out of your body to hit all of those pleasure spots at once - not to mention the fact that your body might experience overwhelming pleasure with all of the spots at once!

Blended orgasms can be especially great for people who tend to orgasm with primarily one spot. (We're looking at you, penis and clitoris!) While the G-spot or prostate might not be enough on their own to get someone off during a playtime, when blended together with the clitoris or the penis, it can be a perfect way to increase the intensity of orgasm, explore new parts of your body, and train your brain to experience orgasm in new ways. Win-win!

So now that you know what blended orgasms are, let's talk about how to experience blended orgasms.

Involve Sex Toys

Part of being successful in your journey for blended orgasms is having the right "tools" and sensations. If you're unable hit all of your pleasure spots in the way they like to be pleasured while still focusing on the pleasure, that might be when it's time to bring in some sex toys. After all, why tire out your wrist and forearm when you don't need to?


Most blended orgasms happen with the help of sex toys - or with a helpful partner. Sex toys "automate" some of the pleasure process, make it easier to hit your spots, and generally allow you to better focus on enjoying yourself instead of working to make that enjoyment happen.

Consider bringing some sex toys into the mix to help your brain focus on pleasure while the toys take care of the physical aspects. Look for toys that are particularly effective at what you need. Is that a powerful wand massager? What about an air-suction toy? Is that a G-spot dildo? Is that a prostate massager? Maybe it's a set of kegel trainers?

Whatever it happens to be, you'll want it to be good at its job. This is not the time to experiment with new sensations and toys. Instead, focus on bringing out your "tried and true" toys- those toys that can get you to orgasm with ease.

What about Air-Pulse or Suction Toys?

Still new to the market, a lot of people haven't tried suction or air-pulse technology. Instead of using vibrations or other sensations, air-pulse toys literally use suction and tiny pulses of air. Air-pulse toys have a small, hollow tip that can be placed up against the body. Once pressed firmly into the body, this hollow area allows for a good "suction chamber". With the toy turned on and the suction chamber established, the toy offers gentle (or powerful, your choice!) suction on the area within the suction chamber.


As you can imagine, air-pulse toys are fantastic for the clitoris and nipples. In fact, a lot of people find they can have near-effortless orgasms with the help of an air-pulse toy! Their stimulation is definitely unique - and very effective!

Need a recommendation? Try the Satisfyer Pro 2! This little beauty will cover your clitoral stimulation so you can focus on your other spots!

Satisfyer Pro 2 clitoral stimulator sex toy


As the popularity of air-pulse toys has grown, the size and breadth of air-pulse toys has grown too! While air-pulse toys previously were exclusively used to focus on external stimulation, a few air-pulse toys on the market now include an internal, penetrating element. Essentially, it's an air-pulse suction toy with a dildo attached! While the dildo can get your G-spot, the air-pulse toy pleasures the clitoris. It's like a rabbit vibrator – only very, very different! Combined toys like that are a fantastic start to blended orgasms.

Of course, you don't need to have a combined toy in order to enjoy air-pulse toys. Your air-pulse toy can pair perfectly with your favorite dildo or insertable toy (or penis!). Enjoy a powerful clitoral stimulator partnered with the familiar (and orgasmic!) sensations of your favorite dildo!

When playing with the idea of blended orgasms, an extremely effective toy, like an air-pulse toy, can be one of the best ways to go. If you haven't given air-pulse suction toys a try, why not?

If you're looking for something to pair with your new air-pulse toy, consider a set of kegel trainers like the Satisfyer Power Balls! The oscillating cores of these kegel trains are the perfect partner to the clitoral stimulation provided by the Pro 2! Consider them your dream blended orgasm tag-team.

Satisfyer Power Balls kegel trainers

Some Beginner-Friendly Practices to Achieve Blended Orgasms

Ready to try to experiment with the idea of blended orgasms on your own? Yay! We're here for you. Consider some of these beginner-friendly practices to slowly work your way into blended orgasms. Keep in mind that this might not be a week-long endeavor. It may take a few months before your body is at the point where it can enjoy blended orgasms.

1. Go Solo

Haven't tried blended orgasms before? We 100% recommend starting this as a solo practice. While having a partner around can certainly make it easier to hit those pleasure spots, it also can make a lot of people feel rushed - or feel uncomfortable or disappointing if they aren't able to achieve blended orgasms.

We know it can be tempting to invite your partner in at the beginning of your journey, but we recommend saving their invite for later. Think of it this way: It'll be a lot hotter when you're able to instruct your partner to get you off rather than letting them fumble around and try to figure out what you need.

2. Try One Spot at a Time

Have you done much exploring of these erogenous zones that you're attempting to include? If not, it's time to do some solo exploration of these spots. Especially for the G-spot or P-spot, are you able to reliably get to orgasm - or get close with a lot of pleasure - by just focusing on the one pleasure spot?

If not, it's time to explore those spots thoroughly. You can't blend all of the sensations together if you don't know what sensations you need from each zone!

3. Alternate Sensations

Once you know how to stimulate the individual spots, it's time to put them together. Be forewarned, though: especially if your body is used to achieving orgasm from a specific spot and specific pleasure, it can be hard to orgasm from a blended manner. You might find that stimulating the G-spot makes it hard to focus on the usual clitoral sensations you need - or visa versa.

If your body is having issues focusing, we recommend alternating sensations to get it used to both sensations happening simultaneously. Try G-spot pleasure then cease G-spot pleasure as you pleasure the clitoris. (The same can be said for the prostate and the penis!)

With sex toys, like air-pulse sex toys, this is even easier; you can just reduce contact with the body, but the sex toy will stay ready and buzzing along for when you want to press it to your body again. Your body is likely used to experiencing each sensation individually, so this might be less overwhelming than experiencing both sensations at once.

More pleasure should all just fit together perfectly, right? Why would we want to alternate spots if our goal is to blend them together? It's easiest to think about this like spicy food. If you talk to a spicy-food aficionado, they'll talk about the flavors and unique tastes of each hot sauce. If you feed that same hot sauce to a newbie to spice, they will only feel overwhelming pain – and overwhelming heat.

The same can be said about the body. Our brains can only process so many sensations at once without short-circuiting ourselves. The goal of alternating the sensations is to train your body to see the two sensations as two parts of one really awesome sensation – instead of two awesome sensations that are too intense when put together.

4. Overlap Your Pleasure

Think you're ready to move on? From there, slowly start to mix the two sensations together. Stroke the penis while still allowing your prostate stimulation to continue. If it gets overwhelming, turn off the prostate stimulator for a bit and just enjoy penile stimulation.

When you're ready again, turn on the prostate stimulation and allow the two sensations to play together. If it gets overwhelming again, stop the penis stimulation. Alternate these two, back and forth, as your body slowly learns to enjoy and combine the two sensations at once – while you still have an easy “out” to continue the pleasure and session if things do feel like they're too much.

5. Breathe

We know, it sounds so simple, but it's so important. As the body continues to tense (and reduces oxygen into the body), it might be hard for you to "ride the waves" of pleasure. Surprisingly, a constantly-tensed body can actually get in the way of actually enjoying an orgasm!

We know it can be intense to experience the pleasure required for blended orgasms, but make sure you're taking as full of breaths as possible and trying to stay present in the current moment - instead of chasing the potential of the orgasm.

6. Put It Together

Finally! That big moment! But just hold on a second. Despite training your body how to enjoy both sensations at once, you might not achieve a blended orgasm – or any orgasm at all! - the first couple of times. An entire session of these overlapping and intense pleasures is still new to your body, and it's entirely normal for it to not quite understand what to do.

Give your body time and be patient, and you'll start to see the beginnings of those blended orgasms popping out. After all, all of this is about the pleasure journey – not just rushing to the blended orgasm. (Imagine how boring your sex life would get if you conquered every single thing out there!)

Enjoy the journey, enjoy the pleasure, and with some patience and some strong sex toys, enjoy the blended orgasms!

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