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Erotica: Yes Mistress

Published: JUNE 17, 2022 | Updated: JULY 21, 2022 10:19:07
Callie stepped forward, cupping Meredith’s face in her hand. She leaned in close to Meredith’s ear and said quietly. “I’m giving you three minutes before I come into the bedroom. I want you completely naked, in the center of the bed, with your ass up when I come in. Do you understand that?”

Callie shut the apartment door behind them, and waited a beat to turn around and face her girlfriend. Meredith had been teasing her all night, and it was time for her to receive her payback.

Callie turned and Meredith advanced, pushing Callie up against the apartment door. Their lips met, Meredith kissing with a hungry, fiery passion that aroused Callie, though she knew she had to maintain control of the situation.

“What’s wrong?” Meredith breathed as her lips trailed down Callie’s neck, one of her hands moving to unbutton her girlfriend’s plaid shirt.


“You know exactly what you’ve done,” Callie said, her voice slow and oddly precise, given how turned on she was. “We go out and you tease me all night, getting me worked up when you know I can’t take you the way I want to.”

Meredith took a half-step back, looking sheepish. “You just make it so easy, baby–”

“I don’t care,” Callie responded. “You know better than that. It’s time for your punishment.”

A flush overtook Meredith’s fair cheeks and she tucked a lock of light brown hair behind her ear before swallowing hard. “It is?”

Callie stepped forward, cupping Meredith’s face in her hand. She leaned in close to Meredith’s ear and said quietly. “I’m giving you three minutes before I come into the bedroom. I want you completely naked, in the center of the bed, with your ass up when I come in. Do you understand that?”

Meredith nodded quickly. Her brown eyes were wide, her round cheeks turning a flushed pink as she swallowed hard. “Yes.”

“Good girl. Three minutes.”

Meredith turned on her heel and headed into the bedroom they shared, leaving the door open a crack. Callie looked down at her watch and noted the time.

Three minutes passed in a blink for both women, their hearts each beating rapidly as they maintained what they had promised the other in their relationship. As Callie watched the large hand on her watch slide past three minutes, she collected herself and entered the bedroom.

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In the center of their bed, Meredith was on all fours with her hips propped up with pillows. Callie took a moment to enjoy the sight.

“Oh, you have been so bad,” Callie said, leaning in to whisper near Meredith’s ear. “But your ass looks so good like that. Y’know, it’s a shame I’m going to have to ruin this view, but you’ve really forced my hand. I’ve got to teach you this lesson.”

Callie’s hand trailed down Meredith’s spine, leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake. Callie cupped Meredith’s curvy ass between her hands, letting the cool, pale skin acclimate to the heat of her hands for a moment before letting it go. Callie opened the drawer of her bedside table and removed a small, thin crop.

It would be the perfect tool for driving the point home to Meredith that it wasn’t acceptable to tease her Mistress in public, and it especially wasn’t okay to double down when Callie called her out about it.

Callie slowly dragged the crop over the curve of Meredith’s ass to build suspense. She tapped it gently against her girlfriend’s skin once, twice, three times, before building up to a loud smack. The crop hit each ass cheek three times, with increasing force, before Meredith whimpered.


“I heard that, you brat,” Callie said, lightly tapping the crop against the red welts growing on Meredith’s bottom.

With great restraint, Meredith simply nodded and whispered, “I’m sorry, Mistress.”

“Good,” Callie said. “But that’s not going to get you out of the second half of your punishment.”

Before the words could fully register, Callie struck the crop against Meredith once more. She was growing more sensitive and required more concentration not to fully react to the punishment she so badly deserved. After a rapid-fire burst of half a dozen smacks, Callie ceased and returned the crop to the drawer.

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“Thank you, Mistress,” Meredith said quietly, her voice barely above a whisper.

“Thank you for what?” Callie coaxed.

“Thank you for keeping me accountable to you,” Meredith said.

“Good girl,” Callie said, kissing Meredith on the cheek. “I want you to stay in that position.”

“I thought my punishment was over?”

“Shh…” Callie hushed before she picked up a pink vibrator from the their toy drawer. She approached Meredith from behind and lightly dragged the toy up and down Meredith’s slit. Callie was surprised to find no resistance. “Well, well… you’re wet already?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Meredith said and she turned her head towards Callie and smiled. Meredith barely had the restraint not to wiggle her hips to try and get a better angle of the vibrator against her clit.

“Oh, you are my little slut” Callie said, delight evident in her voice. “Good girl.”

Callie used her thumb to turn the vibrator on, and rubbed it gently across Meredith’s inner thighs, working her way closer to her pussy.

“Oh, please, Mistress,” Meredith begged. “I need you.”

“Need me, oh?” Callie asked.

“Mmhm!” Meredith squeaked as the toy coasted over her clit. She followed it up with a slightly more composed “I do.”

Callie transferred the toy to her left hand but kept teasing Meredith’s clit with it. Meanwhile, her right hand spread apart Meredith’s pussy lips and she admired how wet her girlfriend was. Callie rubbed two fingers along Meredith’s entrance, which elicited a low moan from her.

“Is this what you need?” Callie asked as she gently started fingering her.


“Uhhuh,” Meredith moaned. “Exactly.”

Callie took cues from Meredith’s reaction and slowly gave her what she wanted, which was the toy to rest just above her clit and two fingers rubbing against her g-spot.

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“Oh, you are so good to me, Mistress,” Meredith managed to say between her rolling, high-pitched moans.

Callie felt Meredith starting to tense, like she often did before she was about to cum. Callie quickly turned the vibrator to its lowest setting, and withdrew her fingers from Callie’s tight, soaking wet pussy.

“Oh, no, please no, please—” Meredith began to beg.

“You don’t like being teased?”

“I was so close to orgasm,” Meredith admitted.

“Don’t worry,” Callie leaned down to kiss her on the cheek. “I won’t make you go without an orgasm, baby. I might just make you wait for it.”

“There’s a lesson here, isn’t there?”

“Something like that,” Callie admitted, satisfied with herself, as she turned the vibrator back up. “It’s my turn to tease, don’t you think?”

Meredith let out a sigh. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. Get on your back.”

Meredith did as she was told, and placed one bent leg on either side of Callie, who was quick to rearrange her. Callie slipped her fingers back inside Meredith, and was able to go in deeper this time because of the angle.

Callie moved her fingers quickly, rapidly teasing Meredith’s g-spot until she was making loud noises of pleasure. Meredith threw her head back, her pale skin flushed as she grew closer to an orgasm.


“That feels amazing,” Meredith said, her hips raising to meet Callie’s fingers, as if she still wanted more. Callie bent, trying to appease Meredith’s desires. “Fuck, you are deep. Oh my God, that’s going to make me cum—”

Callie stilled her movements, removing her fingers and the toy from Meredith’s body. Meredith whimpered, louder than when she was being punished. Callie gazed upon Meredith’s body, admiring the pink of her cheeks and the light sheen of sweat on her temples.

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The third time Callie got Meredith worked up, it didn’t take long at all until she was writhing in the center of their bed and moaning loud enough that the neighbors could probably hear it. The combination of a vibrator on her clit and two fingers coaxing her g-spot was exactly what Meredith had been thinking about earlier when she’d tried to get Callie to leave the bar early.

“Oh, Mistress, I’m really close to cumming,” Meredith whined, in anticipation of having her orgasm ripped from her at the last second.

But this time, Callie kept fucking Meredith with her fingers. She kept it up until Meredith started shaking tightening up and spasming around her fingers. Meredith moaned loudly as she rode out her orgasm.

“Oh, thank you, Mistress. Thank you for letting me cum,” Meredith panted. “Thank you.”

“See,” Callie murmured, laying down to cuddle her girlfriend for awhile. “Wasn’t that worth waiting for?”

Meredith pulled Callie’s arm around her. “Oh, yes.”

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Emily Courter

Emily Courter is a freelance writer who specializes in writing service journalism about women’s health and wellbeing, with a particular interest in sexuality. This is her first time publishing erotica.

Her writing has appeared on many sites, including Refinery29, Insider, Giddy, Diem, Volteface, and more. For more information, check out her website, emilycourter.com.

She lives in New England with her two rescue cats. She loves the great indoors, cold brew coffee, and traveling. You can find her on Twitter or IG at @emilyherself."