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Erotica: 'Sir'

Published: AUGUST 24, 2023
The anonymity of the internet allows one woman to access her deepest pleasures.

This is an excerpt from "Cam Queen" on AURORE, an online collection of erotic stories. It has been republished here with permission.


Today’s request is one of my favorites. I’ve read the message a thousand times - I need to get it right; I like to keep my Sir happy.

Sir: You are to get dressed first thing in the morning wearing those sexy little crotchless panties that you have, and go about your day. To work, to the shops, anywhere you go, I want to know you are ready and waiting for me.

My pussy twinges at the thought of being exposed under my outfit all day.

Me: Yes, Sir, crotchless panties it is.

I met my Sir on a swinging site really late one night. I was feeling particularly horny and had an insatiable need to let someone know just that. I was so horny - the type of horny that I couldn’t ignore, the type that made me feel I could take cock after cock and not stop, the type that a simple wank on my part was not going to fix.

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It was in this crazy horny state that I decided to indulge my fantasy of talking to strangers online. The idea of sharing my dirtiest fantasies with multiple people had sent my pussy into overdrive. As I made my profile on a kinky playspace for swingers, which allows you to message, send pics, cam and meet, my cunt ached with anticipation. The thrill of sharing my mind and body with randoms was an itch that needed scratching.

The thrill of sharing my mind and body with randoms was an itch that needed scratching.

You are to be a good girl and not touch yourself no matter how horny you get, you understand? A few minutes before we talk – and I mean only a few minutes before – you will dress in black stockings and fresh black panties – oh, and high heels – nothing else.

I cannot wait, Sir.

Oh and I think it is time we got that dildo out – don’t you? The one with the sucker, you’ll be riding it on the floor.

Fuck yes, finally! I have been waiting to use him for several days –


Thank you, Daddy.

You’re welcome.

That exchange was nearly 24 hours ago, and I haven’t thought of anything else since and neither has my cunt. I drop my dressing gown and reach for the black lacy pair of stockings that match the black silky panties I have planned to wear. I love the feeling of how the stockings wrap around my thighs, sending messages directly to my pussy. I pull the panties up over my ass and almost cum on the spot, feeling how they cut over my cheeks and how the silk rubs naughtily over my clit. The only thing left is to slip on some skyscraper heels -I’ve chosen red ones to match my lipstick – and I am ready. It’s clear I am to wear panties, stockings and heels, no bra or anything else on top. Catching sight of myself in the mirror, I cannot help but think I look hot. That’s something someone like me would never normally say, I am typically so self-conscious, but I do look hot. I look fuckable.

Confidence has never been a friend of mine; I have always looked for others’ approval, putting myself down before someone else can. These evenings have started to change that. These evenings, I am the person I want to be.


It’s time—I switch on the computer and log into the site. Message after message fills my screen, many of them commenting on my status from the night before; I had declared I was fucking myself. Others talk about how they love the look of my tits on my profile picture. Tits only - no face. I may be horny, but I am not naïve. Strangers on a sex site don’t need to see my face.

I gingerly position myself on the bed, unable to ignore the flutter from my pussy. And suddenly, I see him, my “Sir." His profile picture is pretty recognizable – a picture of his delicious dick. Without a second thought, I move into our private chat room and wait, ready for my first DM from him. Our routine is pretty simple: private chat room, DM’s back and forth, then the cam goes on – my cam, that is. I love giving him a private show, while seeing the stream of other chat requests and DMs roll in. He is the only one I show myself to.

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