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Edging: Take Your Orgasm to the Next Level

by Kinkly
Published: JULY 27, 2016 | Updated: JANUARY 12, 2022
Discovering your edge and playing along it makes for great sexual exploration - and great fun when you decide to jump off.

Edging, a sex trend that’s been gaining traction with people of all genders, is the process of bringing yourself (or a partner) close to orgasm, stopping just before climax, and then repeating the process over again. What’s the point? The idea is that when you finally allow yourself (or your partner) to reach orgasm, the climax will be earth shattering.


As a bonus, the practice of edging, especially over time, can also help prevent premature ejaculation in men and increase overall sexual stamina.

Here are a few tips to get started.

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First: Try It on Yourself

If you’re interested in practicing edging with a partner, the best way to start is by flying solo. During masturbation, bring yourself right to the point of release and then slow down or stop stimulation. Do this a few times before letting yourself finish. Get familiar with how your body feels just before climax - this will help you achieve more control over your eventual orgasm in time.

Gear Up

Once you’ve gotten the basics down, you can invest in some fun extras. Lube is a must if you’re planning to extend your edging beyond one or two rounds. You can even get fancy and try a full-fledged edging kit for men that features a water-based lube, an anti-chafing lotion, delay and plumping creams, and a full-sized plush masturbator.

Switch Up the Stimulation

Experiment with more indirect stimulation; you’re aiming for slow and steady pleasure rather than a quick build up. For women, this might mean taking a break from clitoral stimulation to focus instead on G-spot or A-spot stimulation. Try out different rhythms, breathing techniques and movements to get familiar with how your body responds to different forms of touch.


Communication Is Key

Edging with a partner can be a great way of gaining a deeper awareness of your partner’s body while discovering new techniques for pleasuring each other. As the edger, pay close attention to your partner’s verbal and non-verbal signals during stimulation. As the edgee, give your partner feedback on your arousal level - or how close you are feeling to climax - and explore the sensations of your body as you play on the edge.

Give Your Partner a Hand

When edging with a partner, using your hands will typically give you better control of the pressure, location and speed of stimulation, more than any other body part. If you’ve been relying on penetration play for a long time, it might be a good time to get reacquainted with the art of the hand job.

Edging Meets BDSM

Some people will incorporate edging into bondage play where the partner being stimulated is tied up. When done properly, the edgee ends up begging for release, and is rewarded for their patience with an orgasm that is ultra-intense after being built up over time.


Note: It’s absolutely essential to have safety scissors nearby when using any kind of material restraints. Fabric can gradually tighten during bondage use, and too much tightness may cause nerve damage.

BDSM beginners should take care to start slowly. All BDSM play requires some prep work; and to ensure everyone has a safe, fun, and consensual good time, it’s important that all participants do their research beforehand. There are tons of great, free resources online for all experience levels. Safety and consent are key concepts, so beginners should spend extra time there.

Finally, enjoy experimenting with edging. Discovering your edge and playing along it is a great sexual experiment that can teach you a lot about your body and its ability for pleasure. It's also great fun when you finally decide to jump off.


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