Updated: MAY 17, 2022
Reviewed by Dr. Laura McGuire

Yiffing is sexual interaction between two or more members of the furry community. The term comes from the word used to describe the excited noise that foxes make during mating. It is one of many animalistic terms used to describe the way members of the furry community behave. That’s because the furry community aligns itself with the animal kingdom and so proudly uses the words for animal behaviors to describe their own habits.

The term yiffing can describe any sexual activity between members of the furry community that occurs face-to-face or in the virtual world. The term yiffing often refers to groping, fondling, or dry humping, often when people are in fur-suits. It also refers to cyber sex between members of the furry community.

People may also use the term yiffing to show their own sexual interest or ask someone about their sexual intentions. For example, someone may say they want to yiff another furry. Someone could also ask their furry friend if they are interested in yiffing another furry they just met. The term yiffing is often used in this way to gauge sexual interest at furcons and other furry events.

Yiffing can also serve as an adjective for pornographic material featuring furries. Sexually explicit furry art and videos often contain the words "yiffing" or "yiff" in their titles. Using these common terms can make furry pornography easier to find online.

The term yiffing is one of the oldest terms the furry community uses. Many people say it’s been around since the 1980s or 1990s—long before the advent of popular furry websites. Some say the term originated as a sexual variation of "yipp," another word used to describe fox sounds. "Yiffing" hit the mainstream in the 2000s when online users of sites like 4chan expressed anti-furry sentiments. These critics used the term yiffing to mock furries' sexual interests and activities. Phrases such as “yiff in hell” encouraged furries to be less visible. In recent years, furries have reclaimed the terms yiff and yiffing. For example, millennial furries often joke online about yiffing one another.

More About Yiffing

Many people think of yiffing as a euphemism for sex or sexual activity. Some people think the term yiffing is more polite than other well-known terms for sex. Members of the furry community may also use the term yiffing and other furry-speak in public, knowing many people outside the community won’t understand them. Using a largely unfamiliar term can make members of the furry community feel more comfortable talking about sex in public than they may be otherwise.

For some people within the furry community, yiffing is a key part of their identity and participation in furry culture. Others have a totally non-sexual interest in all things furry. These people attend furry events to meet friends and attend lectures. They are unlikely to engage in yiffing.

While the term yiffing can describe any sexual activity between furries, many people only use this term to describe face-to-face sexual activity in fur-suits or virtual sex between furries. This activity is usually foreplay rather than sex. While wearing a fur-suit or admiring others in fur-suits can be arousing, most people don’t want to have sex in their suits and find skin-to-skin contact during sex a greater turn-on. Removing a fur-suit before sex also protects it from tears and stains from bodily fluids.

Some furries are turned on by the thought of having sex in fur-suits. These members of the furry community may use the term yiffing to describe penetrative sex, including vaginal and anal sex, with other furries in full fur-suits. Some furries interested in these activities have modified fur-suits with strategically placed holes and appendages for easier sexual intercourse.

Many forms of yiffing, including fondling and groping, are low-risk sexual activities. However, some forms of yiffing can spread sexually transmitted infections, as “The Yiffy Guide to Safer Sex” highlights. This guide for furries offers tips for reducing the risks of yiffing, including using condoms for sex and playing with toys. This guide also emphasizes the importance of consent and limiting the use of drugs and alcohol for safe and happy yiffing.


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