Updated: DECEMBER 14, 2020

X-rated refers to a book, movie, magazine, video clip, website, or other media that carry an X rating. A rating of X indicates sexually explicit or vulgar content that is intended for adults only.

Our society is filled with X-rated material. It's available everywhere is especially easy to find on the Internet. Whether it's erotic literature, porn films, or even X-rated home videos, this material can spice up an adult's sex life.

More About X-Rated

As the pornography industry adopted the X-rating for their movies, they started adding additional Xs. This led to movies with XXX ratings implying that they contained even more sexually explicit content. The Internet later adopted the rating as well by adding domain names with .xxx to indicate a pornographic website.

One aspect of X-rated media that is contentious is keeping it away from the prying eyes of children and young adults, who sometimes use it to learn about what happens in the bedroom. Those of us who have been there know the X-rated material isn't really how it all goes down behind closed doors!


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