Well Endowed

Updated: JUNE 20, 2016

Well endowed refers to men and women who are physically blessed by either their genes or cosmetic surgeons. For men, being well endowed implies having an above average size penis. This means that their penis is longer and thicker. Ideally, these penises should also be ready for action when called upon. For women, being well endowed implies that they have an ample bosom and curvy butts.

More About Well Endowed

Through advancements in cosmetic surgery, it is now possible to become well endowed even if ones genetic predisposition has different plans. This is especially true for women, given today's easier access to breast and buttocks enhancing surgery. For men however, the cosmetic enhancement of one's penis is still questionable. Surgery to lengthen the penis is available. However, there are many complications to this operation, including erectile dysfunction.


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