Wedgie Fetish

Published: OCTOBER 26, 2023
Reviewed by Dr. Laura McGuire
on October 19, 2023

A wedgie fetish is an intense sexual interest in wedgies, or having underwear or swimwear moved tightly between the butt cheeks. People with a wedgie fetish may feel sexually aroused when they receive wedgies, watch others receive wedgies, or both.

Wedgies may happen deliberately when someone raises a person’s underwear or swimwear or accidentally as clothing moves naturally. Someone may give their partner a wedgie by pulling their underwear or swimsuit up using their hands, whether they are wearing only these garments or other clothes over the top. They may also use rope pulleys or hooks to raise the underwear or swimsuit.

Why Wedgies Turn Some People On

Deliberate wedgies can reinforce a dominant/submissive power dynamic between the person giving the wedgie and the one receiving it. People who enjoy the feeling of power that dominating someone gives or feeling vulnerable in a submissive role may develop a wedgie fetish. Due to their link to childhood pranks, people who enjoy humiliation play may also find giving or receiving wedgies very arousing.

Wedgies can also be arousing because they expose the butt cheeks, a part of the body that many people feel drawn to. Some people enjoy giving wedgies and viewing photographs or porn featuring people with wedgies because they like looking at bare buttocks.

Some people enjoy the physical sensations of receiving a wedgie. While a wedgie may be painful, this pain can overlap with sexual pleasure. The brain releases endorphins to help people manage pain, so people may feel euphoric when they experience a painful wedgie. A wedgie also pulls fabric tightly against the anus and genitals, which can stimulate their nerve endings.

People with a wedgie fetish may become interested in pushing the body’s limits. They may feel excited and accomplished if they lift a partner’s underwear higher or receive more intense wedgies, for example. Some people enjoy being recorded or posing for photographs as they push the limits to document their progress and achievements. Posing in this way may appeal to people with overlapping sexual interests in wedgies and exhibitionism. For kink photographers or videographers, capturing people can satisfy interests in wedgies and voyeurism.

How common is a wedgie fetish?

While there haven’t been any formal studies on wedgie fetishes or kinks, a 2018 study from Pornhub noted an uptick in searches for "wedgie" during 2016. Pornhub searches for "wedgie" rose from an index of 0.4 in January 2016 to a peak of just under 2.4 in March 2017 and fell before stabilizing from September 17 to March 18 at between 1.6 and 1.8. It’s difficult to ascertain how many people searching for wedgie porn have a wedgie fetish, rather than simply a sexual interest in wedgies.

An interest in wedgies is often coupled with an interest in BDSM, judging by Pornhub’s studies. It notes that people who search for wedgies typically search for other BDSM-related terms first, including spanking, bully and bondage.

More About Wedgie Fetish

There are several ways to satisfy a wedgie fetish. Someone may give their partner a wedgie during a role-playing scenario. For example, they may play the high school bully while their partner plays a victimized student. If they were ever bullied, a role-playing scene where they assert themselves and give the wedgie to a partner playing the bully can be cathartic. A dominant partner may also give their submissive a wedgie as a punishment or during a humiliation play scene. People may also indulge their wedgie fetish in private by giving themselves a small wedgie and going about their day. Watching wedgie porn or viewing wedgie erotica or art are two more ways people can satisfy and explore a wedgie fetish.

As with most fetishes, people with wedgie fetishes tend to have favorite types of wedgies. Some of the different wedgie types and activities that people search for to satisfy their wedgie fetish include:

  • Atomic wedgie: Giver pulls the waistband of the receiver’s underwear up and over the receiver’s head.
  • Hanging wedgie: Giver pulls the waistband of the receiver’s underwear up and hangs it from a structure to keep the receiver suspended above the ground.
  • Thong wedgie: Wedgie involving a receiver wearing a thong, rather than standard briefs.
  • Girl wedgie: Wedgie involving a receiver who identifies as female.
  • Guy wedgie: Wedgie involving a receiver who identifies as male.
  • Gay wedgie: Wedgie involving a receiver, and often a giver, who identifies as a homosexual male.
  • Messy wedgie: Giver puts a messy food, such as whipped cream, honey, or pudding, into the receiver’s underwear before pulling them up. This one overlaps with sploshing!
  • Vampire wedgie: Giver uses their teeth, instead of their hands, to pull up the receiver’s underwear.
  • 69 wedgie: Couple both give one another an atomic wedgie and then perform oral sex on each other while their underpants are still pulled high.
  • Bangkok wedgie: Giver performs the wedgie, then kicks the receiver in the genitals.
  • Wedgie orgasm: Orgasm that occurs while the receiver has a wedgie.
  • Wedgie wrestling: Wrestling where competitors give wedgies to gain dominance over their opposition.
  • Wedgie catfight: Fight between women who give one another wedgies to gain dominance.
  • Wedgie domination: Scene where a dominant person gives a wedgie to a submissive receiving partner.
  • Wedgie challenge: Wedgie performed at the request of an online follower.

Safely Exploring a Wedgie Fetish

A wedgie fetish is relatively harmless for most people to accept as part of their sexuality. Sharing this fetish with a partner can help build intimacy and trust in a relationship. Talking about this fetish can also help people gauge their partner’s interest in exploring it and learn about their experiences with wedgies. People might share stories of bullying in children to alert their partner to any trauma associated with wedgies. As with all forms of sexual expression, gaining consent is vital before proceeding with wedgie play to reduce the risk of triggering a trauma response. Monitoring a partner, especially if they have negative associations with wedgies, can also make wedgie play a positive experience

It's a good idea to start with wedgies involving light lifts before trying more intense styles like atomic and hanging wedgies. Gradually exploring the fetish can help people and their partners understand their limits and preferences. The receiver should also wear underwear or swimsuits made from stretchy fabrics, such as lycra, rather than inflexible materials like silk, as they will reduce pressure on the body

“Using underwear that has elastic or a seam around the legs can be less durable and snap before the fun even starts,” added Tiffany Lei, a relationship and sex educator and the founder of Modern Sex Box. “The pressure that is between the underwear and your buttcrack can get increasingly uncomfortable. Wearing the wrong underwear can lead to splitting and tearing of the skin. If you are just starting out exploring a wedgie fetish, adding a butt plug into the mix can help ease some discomfort in the anal area."

As with all fetishes, there is also the potential for a wedgie fetish to negatively impact someone’s personal life. Anyone who feels they need wedgies to become aroused or enjoy a relationship may benefit from counseling. A sex therapist or relationship counselor can help people worried about the impact of their fetish work through their concerns.


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