Wax Play

Updated: MAY 14, 2018

Wax play is a form of sensual interaction in which a person drips warm or hot wax onto their partner’s naked body. The feeling of the wax hitting one's body causes a rush of adrenaline which increases arousal.

Although wax play is often combined with BDSM practices, it is also enjoyed by people with a wide range of sexual interests outside of the BDSM community.

More About Wax Play

People engaging in wax play often use lit candles or wax heated in a crock pot. Many prefer to drip the wax on hair-free areas where it can be easily removed. However, others enjoy dripping wax on their partner’s genitals or even inserting long candles into the vagina or anus.

Paraffin and soy wax are some of the most popular varieties for wax play beginners as they have low melting points. People with soy allergies should obviously refrain from using soy wax for wax play. Some more experienced wax players who prefer a more intense experience use waxes with higher melting points including palm and beeswax.

You can reduce the temperature of the wax by dropping it from a greater height or brushing it onto the skin with a paintbrush rather than ladling or dripping it. Some people also enjoy following up wax play with the contrasting sensation of ice cubes.

Icon Make Me Melt Drip Candles - Kinkly ShopExample of candles meant for wax play. Pictured: Make Me Melt candles.

It’s important to note that different types of candles and crock pots will vary the temperature of the wax. You should consider this variation, as well as your partner’s tolerance for heat when engaging in wax play. Wax that is too hot can cause severe burns. Some people may also have allergic reactions to the perfumes, dyes, and other additives used in waxes.

Couples should also take care when heating the wax for wax play. Flames should be kept away from clothes and bed linen which can easily catch fire. Wax is also best kept away from fabrics as it is difficult to remove once hardened.

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