Water Masturbation

Updated: MAY 3, 2021

Water masturbation is the practice of sexually stimulating the genitals with water. People can use water masturbation to stimulate any part of their genitals, including the clitoris, the vagina, the testicles, and the penis.

Some people also stimulate their anus and perineum during water masturbation. Water masturbation can involve only water or a combination of water with manual stimulation or stimulation from sex toys. People can enjoy water masturbation on their own or with their partners.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that women engage in water masturbation more commonly than men. Historically, women diagnosed with hysteria were prescribed time in special shower rooms within sanatoriums for special “hydrotherapy” to treat their perceived affliction. This treatment was not too dissimilar from the water masturbation that is so common today.

Many people discover water masturbation as children. Many continue this kind of self-pleasure through their adult lives. While water masturbation is stimulating, the presence of water can also make it feel relaxing and soothing. People who love it say the orgasms they have through water masturbation are like no other.

More About Water Masturbation

People use a variety of fixtures and techniques when masturbating with water. Faucets, showerheads, bath jets, and bidets are commonly used for water masturbation. People position these fixtures near their genitals and allow the water to stimulate their sensitive body parts.

These fixtures are excellent aids for water masturbation. The tools let people vary the pressure of the water stream to vary the intensity of the stimulation. Showerheads with pulse or massage settings can be especially effective. Some people find doing kegel exercises while they let the water stimulate them enhances their orgasms.

Erotic enemas are also a method of water masturbation. Using enema kits people can use water to stimulate their rectums and prostates. Some people enjoy giving themselves enemas while stimulating their genitals with their hands or sex toys.

For many people, simply using water to masturbate is thrilling enough. However, sex toys like dildos, butt plugs, and waterproof vibrators can enhance water masturbation. Some dildo mounts can attach to tiled shower walls or bathtubs and are ideal for water play, as you can adjust the height and angle to suit your needs.

Sensation play may be a component of water masturbation. Some people enjoy the sensations that come from using cold water, warm water, or both during play. You should never use hot water as it can burn the sensitive skin of the genitals and anus.

Some vulva-owners fill Ziploc bags with water, tear holes in the corners, and insert the corners inside their vaginas. They force water inside their vagina when they squeeze the bags.

While this may feel pleasurable, it does carry some risks. Putting water inside the vagina can wash away healthy vaginal bacteria. This increases the risk of yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. If you do it before or after sex, it could also increase the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections.

In very rare cases, water inside the vagina could cause an air embolism to enter the bloodstream. If that embolism enters your heart, lungs, or brain, it could be dangerous or even fatal. Enjoy external water masturbation, but do not take the wet stuff too deep for your own safety.


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