Vaginal Intercourse

Updated: JUNE 7, 2021
Vaginal intercourse covers any sexual activity in which a penis or dildo is inserted into the vagina. Heterosexual couples partake in vaginal intercourse to pleasure themselves sexually or to reproduce. Vaginal intercourse is the only type of intercourse that can result in pregnancy. Vaginal intercourse is also known as vaginal sex.

More About Vaginal Intercourse

Vaginal intercourse is straightforward. The penetrating partner inserts their penis into their partner's vagina and thrusts their hips. The vagina needs to be lubricated. Otherwise, vaginal sex could be painful for everyone involved. Natural lubrication can be achieved by engaging in foreplay, and sex lubricant can also add the required slickness. Lubricated condoms may also help. Some of the most common vaginal intercourse sex positions include Missionary, Doggy style, and Cowgirl. This differs from anal intercourse because the vagina is penetrated instead of the anus.

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