Vagina Dentata

Updated: SEPTEMBER 7, 2018

A vagina dentata refers to a folk tale that involves vaginas that have teeth. These toothed vaginas castrate their unknowing male victims. These tales about the vagina dentata are said to be cautionary stories to discourage promiscuity as well as rape.

More About Vagina Dentata

The notion of a toothed vagina has reappeared in many cultures throughout history and has been attributed to a number of different meanings. These include the notion that the female body is scary, to represent a sense of "castration anxiety" arising from a generalized fear of women, or that the stories are designed to suppress female sexuality.

It's also interesting to note that female condoms with teeth have been used as a form of protection against sexual assault in India. Also interesting: there are a few reported cases of very rare vaginal cysts resembling teeth growing inside a vagina.


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