Updated: OCTOBER 30, 2017

The uterus, also called the womb, is a major female reproductive sex organ. It is connected on one end to the Fallopian tubes while other opens into the vagina via the cervix. The uterus features a lining called the endometrium. This lining thickens each month and, in the absence of a pregnancy, is shed causing menstruation or what is commonly known as a "period."

Although the uterus is not stimulated during sexual intercourse, the uterus does contract (along with the vagina) during orgasm. The positioning of the uterus in the body may also affect how comfortable certain sex positions are for particular people. Hysterectomy, or removal of the uterus, can also cause sexual symptoms, such as reduced sex drive, reduced sensation and vaginal dryness.

More About Uterus

In some cases, the uterus presents in atypical positions. It can tip forward (anteverted), backwards (retroverted), the fundus (the top portion) can point forward of the cervix (anteflexed), or backwards in relation to the cervix (anteflexed). This can make certain sexual positions uncomfortable.

While the uterus is associated with female individuals, it should be noted that there are several exceptions. Trans men may have a uterus while trans women will not.


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