Updated: OCTOBER 6, 2015

The urethra is the tube which connects the bladder to the genitals. It carries fluids from the body in the processes of urination and ejaculation.

The male urethra is eight inches long and travels through the penis. It carries urine and semen.

The female urethra is much shorter at approximately one and a half to two inches, and leaves the body at a spot in between the clitoris and the vaginal opening. It carries urine and female ejaculate.

More About Urethra

Generally, the urethra's only role in foreplay and intercourse is to facilitate the removal of semen or female ejaculate. However, the urethra may also be stimulated or penetrated for sexual purposes. Penetration of the urethra by a finger or penis is known as urethral intercourse. Another act, known as urethral sounding, involves the insertion of an object into the urethra.

While urethral penetration and intercourse are possible, it's worth noting that the insertion of foreign objects into the urethra poses significant medical risks. Urethral intercourse may stretch the urethral sphincter, cause incontinence, or even cause a bladder or urinary tract infection. If you do wish to experiment with urethral intercourse or sounding, it's important to minimize risks by sterilizing all objects used to penetrate the urethra.

Sexually transmitted infections can also cause the urethra to become inflamed, a condition called urethritis. Gonorrhoea and chlamydia, for example, tend to affect the urethra.


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