Tuck Job

Updated: OCTOBER 23, 2017

A tuck job is the act of pushing the penis and testicles back between the legs, tucking them away to give a flatter surface known colloquially as a mangina.

People commonly do a tuck job to make themselves appear less masculine and for a variety of reasons. A tuck job can also facilitate a sexual move of the same name.

More About Tuck Job

Most commonly, a biological male will perform a tuck job if he wants to appear less masculine. Pre-op male-to-female transsexuals and cross-dressers often perform tuck jobs to make themselves appear less feminine. Heterosexual men may also perform a tuck job if they are dressing as a woman for a costume party or other occasions. All these biological males often wear tight underpants to hold their tuck jobs in place.

A tuck job will feel strange or even uncomfortable, but it should not feel painful. An erection can undo a tuck job, so men that wear their penises this way attempt to avoid arousal.

A tuck job can also be the launch pad for a sexual move a male or female performs on a male partner, also known as a tuck job. The male lies on his stomach with his penis and testicles tucked in between his legs. His partner then masturbates his shaft while performing analingus, often with the aid of whipped cream.


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