Triple Penetration

Updated: JANUARY 18, 2021

A triple penetration describes the act of having intercourse a the vulva-owning person, using their mouth, vagina, and anus simultaneously. It is a delicate scene because the receiving person needs to be positioned precisely in order to receive all three types of penetration at once.

More About Triple Penetration

A triple penetration scene can be very exciting for everyone involved. However, it is a scene that requires an immense amount of self-awareness from the receiving partner. Lines of communication need to stay open throughout the entire scene, and the receiving partner needs to be comfortable speaking up to ensure their needs are met. The receiving partner also needs to stay cognizant about their own body. With so many sensations going on at once, it can be difficult to recognize the early signs of soreness or friction. Regular reapplications of lube, even before they're "needed", are a must.

Agree on a safe word or action, which, if used, should stop all activity.

Triple penetration does not necessarily require four people or participants of any specific gender or sexuality. Some of the methods of penetration can be accomplished with sex toys. Anyone within the scene can also wear a strap-on harness and dildo if they'd like to simulate intercourse.


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