Updated: FEBRUARY 28, 2024
Reviewed by Marla Stewart
on February 27, 2024

The word train can be used in various sexual contexts to describe a sexual position, location, or process.

Sex Position

As a sex position, a train may involve multiple people whose sexual acts connect their bodies in a train-like fashion. The participants involved in a train may participate in oral sex, analingus, anal sex, or penis-in-vagina intercourse. The participants of this kind of train may be of any gender or sexuality. A train is sometimes called a sex train. Being involved in a train is sometimes called having train sex. says that people have used the term train to refer to any group sex involving a woman having sex with a line of men since at least 1949. These men are not connected physically as with the previous definition of train. This meaning of train has evolved into the term run train, or run a train. The term pulling a train refers to group sex of this nature when the woman doesn’t consent.

Sex in/on a Train

A train can also be the location for sex. People may choose to have sex on this mode of public transport because they are exhibitionists or get turned on by the potential of getting caught. Quiet carriages and train bathrooms are ideal for this. They may also love the way that the vibrations of the train add extra sensory excitement to sex. People who want to experience sex on trains without a potential audience may book private sleeper cabins.

Training for Sex

People can also train to prepare for certain sex acts. This process is similar to non-sexual training for athletics, with the person in training performing exercises that push their body physically and help them get in the right mindset for success. As with athletes, people training for sex often work closely with another person, such as an intimate partner, a dominant, or a sex trainer. This person can help them stay motivated, offer tips for improving their performance, and test and report on their progress. People can also train themselves for sexual activities alone.


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