Updated: JANUARY 21, 2019

A tickler is a sex toy that is used during sensation play and consists of a long, thin handle with soft, downy feathers on one end. As the name suggests, these toys are typically used to tickle a partner's skin. Tickling can be a fun form of foreplay for many people. Tickling is also a fetish that is extremely arousing for some people.

More About Tickler

Ticklers can be used in a few different ways. For instance, the amount of pressure and different strokes that you use with these toys can produce a variety of different sensations.

Using a tickler on delicate skin in the erogenous zones such as the nipples, breasts, thighs, clitoris, penis, and testicles will often produce very arousing sensations. These toys can be used as foreplay, during erotic torture, or during sensation play. They are sometimes combined with blindfolds. Pairing them with the erotic sting of a light flogging can elevate sensation play to a whole new level.


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