Third Gender Pronouns

Updated: AUGUST 3, 2020

Third gender pronouns are pronouns that do not refer specifically to a strict male or female identity. These gender neutral pronouns can be used when someone's gender is unknown, in transition, or when a person is neither female or male.

More About Third Gender Pronouns

Third gender pronouns are often used when speaking or referring to transgender and genderqueer people who do not identify with being identified under male or female pronouns or those who are neither male or female. The concept of third gender pronouns are still relatively new. Subsequently, there is still progress being made on what third gender pronouns will be in language. A mainstream third gender pronoun has not been adopted yet. The difficulty in finding third gender pronouns is the lack of unity on what these pronouns should be. Further, many people are either unsupportive or unaware of the necessity for third gender pronouns.


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