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The Venus Butterfly

Updated: DECEMBER 9, 2019

The Venus Butterfly is a term used to describe a series of sexual techniques that brings lovers to orgasm without intercourse.

The term Venus Butterfly hit the mainstream when it featured on a 1986 episode of legal drama series "L.A. Law." However, the technique was never described in this program. It was the subject of the popular 1988 book "The One Hour Orgasm: How to Learn the Amazing 'Venus Butterfly.'" It is a variation on an ancient Tantric technique. Another commonly accepted variation was outlined by Sue Johanson in 2005.

The Venus Butterfly should not be confused with the sexual technique of the same name which appeared in the 1969 book "The Sensuous Woman."

More About The Venus Butterfly

One of the most well-known versions of the Venus Butterfly was described by Leah and Bob Schwartz in "The One Hour Orgasm: How to Learn the Amazing 'Venus Butterfly.'" In this version, a person lies down with their partner sitting next to them. The sitting person’s legs should be positioned around their partner so that their genitals are in close contact. The penis should be at the two or 10 o’clock position then gently stimulate the clitoris softly. That the sensation is like the touch of a butterfly’s wing.

The gentle pressure continues at the same pace until the couple is close to a traditional orgasm. At this point, they slow things down before returning to the original steady and slow rhythm. The goal is to build to a orgasm again. This process can continue for an hour, as the book’s name implies. While the lovers will not experience a traditional orgasm over the full hour, fans of the technique believe that an orgasm begins at any point where the genitals experience more pleasure than the rest of the body. The couple may not experience the release associated with a traditional orgasm, but they may experience mild contractions and a blissful state. Some have likened it to the orgasm experienced during Tantric sex.

The Schwartzes’ Venus Butterfly takes its cues from an ancient Tantric sexual technique which shares its name. This technique has a man pleasure his female lover with a combination of oral sex and manual stimulation of the clitoris, G-spot and vagina. Just like the Schwartzes’ Venus Butterfly, the Tantric version brings the woman close to orgasm, backs off to reduce her pleasure, and then ramps up the stimulation for a more powerful orgasm.

In 2005, sex writer Sue Johanson suggested her own variation on the Venus Butterfly. In this technique, the man licks his partner’s clitoris while manually stimulating the vagina and perianal area. This combination of manual and oral stimulation is akin to the Tantric version, but Johanson's method does not suggest slowing down at any point as the woman nears orgasm.


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