The Big O

Updated: OCTOBER 28, 2019

The Big O is a colloquial term for orgasm. The term came to prominence in the early to mid-1980s. It refers to the intensity or “bigness” of orgasms, as the word orgasm stars with the letter O. Therefore, there is no bigger O than the big O, or an orgasm.

More About The Big O

Some people use the term Big O only to refer to the strongest, most intense orgasms they have. Others use the term Big O as a synonym for any orgasm. The Big O is typically used to describe male and female orgasms, including orgasms that occur during foreplay and sex. Vaginal orgasms, clitoral orgasms, anal orgasms, orgasms from touching the erogenous zones, orgasms occurring from a combination of different stimulation and more can all be classified as the Big O.

While the Big O is common, it can also be elusive for some people. A lover’s technique plays some part, but a lack of communication and a focus or expectation of achieving an orgasm, rather than simply enjoying the moment, can also derail someone’s pursuit of the Big O.

The Big O is difficult to describe, as it creates such intense sensations that are often difficult to put into words. These sensations are typically most focused on the point of sexual stimulation but can spread throughout the body. The Big O is characterized by a contraction of convulsing of parts of the body and tingly, warm, and intensely pleasurable sensations.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to giving yourself or a lover an orgasm. Some people prefer light touch while others like things a little rougher. Our individual body parts also respond differently, with one person’s erogenous zone leaving another person cold. This is why communication is so critical. Through experimentation and talking to your sexual partner, you can both achieve fulfilling sex and hopefully, the Big O.


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