Testicle Cuffs

Updated: MAY 1, 2018

Testicle cuffs are ring-shaped implements which wrap around a male's scrotum and between the testicles. When the testicle cuffs are closed, the testicles cannot pass through the cuffs.

Testicle cuffs may be used as part of cock and ball torture, a sadomasochistic sexual activity involving torture of the male genitals, or simply to enhance sexual interaction.

More About Testicle Cuffs

Testicle cuffs pull the testicles down and keep them in place during stimulation. This makes the penis appear longer. They also aid sexual arousal and both delay and intensify ejaculation. Testicle cuffs operate in a similar way as cock rings, although a cock ring is worn around the shaft of the penis. When a testicle cuff is worn with a base ring, it may be called a triple cock ring or a triple crown.

Most testicle cuffs come with a padlock which locks the cuff around the scrotum. When locked in, a submissive male cannot remove the testicle cuff. The key should be kept in a safe place so that the cuff can be removed when needed.

Testicle cuffs are popular amongst men who enjoy the feeling of being owned by their partners, and amongst dominant partners who love feeling ownership of their submissives. Testicle cuffs may be worn as a component of humiliation play for a BDSM couple. They are also a fetish item for some couples.

As testicle cuffs restrict the movement of the scrotum, using them over a long period of time can be painful. If worn for more than a few hours, they may cause the skin around the scrotum to become sore and tender. In extreme cases, when testicle cuffs are worn too tightly, they may even sever the testicles.

Testicle cuffs should only be used as directed. They should never be used to chain someone to a bed or suspend them.


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