Updated: DECEMBER 10, 2018

Te'oing is an Internet meme in which participants, usually male, take pictures of themselves interacting with an invisible girlfriend. The online prank emerged in January of 2012 after Notre Dame football star Manti Te'o cited the tragic death of his girlfriend for inspiring his breakout season, only to discover through news media that the woman didn't exist. Through an elaborate online hoax using social media, Te'o had been conned into becoming attached to photos and communications from a woman who had apparently been invented for that purpose.

More About Te'oing

Te'oing quickly took on a life of its own online, leading to photos of young men pretending to hug, kiss and interact with an invisible partner. The prank quickly escalated to more sexual poses, and Cosmopolitan Magazine even created an image and page for a sex position called "The Te'o". The position shows a man on top - with no partner beneath him.


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