Updated: JANUARY 18, 2021

Telephonicophilia is a paraphilia that causes people with the condition, known as telephonicophiles, to seek sexual arousal or gratification through the making of sexually-explicit phone calls.

The term derives from a combination of the word telephone with the Greek skatos, meaning dung and referring to the obscene nature of the calls, and philia, meaning love or attraction.

Telephonicophilia is also known as telephone scatophilia.

More About Telephonicophilia

Telephonicophilia is a type of solicitation-based paraphilia. In paraphilias of this type, people look to an activity other than sexual intercourse for sexual gratification. Often this is an activity that may be part of foreplay or preparation for sex. Other paraphilias of this type include exhibitionism, voyeurism, and toucherism.

People with telephonicophilia typically feel aroused when they make lewd phone calls to strangers. Making a similar type of phone call to people who are known to the caller rarely holds the same appeal. The arousing phone calls are often characterized by suggestive comments, explicit descriptions of what the telephonicophile may like to do to or with the caller, and heavy breathing.

Making unwanted obscene phone calls is a criminal sex offense, so it can be risky for telephonicophiles to satisfy their urges. If a stranger is amused or even aroused by a telephonicophile’s phone call, action is unlikely to be taken. However, if the recipient of the call is offended or feels threatened, they may contact the police who could trace the call. If apprehended, a telephonicophile may face a fine or even an arrest or jail time for repeat offenses.

Due to the potential harm and engagement with illegal activity, many telephonicophiles seek treatment for their condition. Therapy, hypnosis, and other forms of treatment may help telephonicophiles manage their paraphilia.


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