Tape Gag

Updated: JUNE 15, 2017

A tape gag is an over-the-mouth gag which restricts the vocal activity of a submissive sexual partner, often during BDSM activities. A tape gag may be made of any sticky tape which can cover and seal the mouth, such as duct tape, PVC tape, or gaffer tape. Most tape gags measure two to three inches wide to ensure that they can completely cover the wearer’s mouth.

More About Tape Gag

Wearing a tape gag can make a submissive partner feel more helpless, and thus more aroused. Dominant individuals may become aroused at the sight of a partner wearing a tape gag and the sounds this person makes while wearing a gag.

Some submissives may be forced to wear a tape gag as a type of punishment, especially during humiliation play. A tape gag can also add authenticity to a role playing scene, such as a kidnapping or break-and-enter scene or a rape fantasy.

Tape gags are popular because they are inexpensive to obtain, readily available, and easy to apply. However, tape gags can be easily removed if the wearer blows on the tape or wiggles their mouth around. Their effectiveness can be increased if made from a strip of tape long enough to wrap around the wearer’s head. A gag that runs underneath the jaw, from ear to ear, can also be very effective as it restricts jaw movement. Tape gags are most effective when combined with stuff gags, although this also increases the safety risks as the stuffing can pose a choking hazard.

It’s important to note that tape gags may irritate the sensitive skin of the lips. Tape gags may also inflame dormant fever blisters or cold sores. When tape gags are wrapped around the head, they may tear out hair when removed. The safety concerns surrounding tape gags are increased the longer the gag is left on.


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