Sword Fighting

Updated: DECEMBER 20, 2021

Sword fighting is an activity in which two people slap their penises together, much as sword fighters connect their swords during a duel.

Sword fighting participants are typically assumed to be gay or bisexual males, but it is also reported among men who identify as straight. Because there is limited data on this practice, it's hard to determine how common sword fighting really is. Sword fighting is also common in gay pornography.

Sword fighting is sometimes called swashbuckling.

More About Sword Fighting

During sword fighting, participants may touch the heads of their penises or other parts of their genitals. Participants may hold the bases of their penis or simply sway their hips to make their penis move backwards and forwards during sword fighting. Typically sword fight occurs with erect penises, but the practice is also possible with flaccid penises.

The motivations for sword fighting usually depend on the people involved and their sexualities. For gay and bisexual men, sword fighting is likely to be arousing. It may be a part of foreplay or the main sexual event. Straight men often have competitive reasons for engaging in sword fighting, although homoeroticism may also be involved.


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