Swing Party

Updated: APRIL 18, 2016

A swing party is a party where swingers can meet up and engage with fellow swingers. It is a venue for recreational sex, and can be held in private locations, such as homes, or in commercial establishments. Like a typical party, a swing party can have themes for which attendees come in full costume. Intercourse and foreplay happen within the party between consenting adults.

More About Swing Party

While people are more accepting of the “swinging lifestyle,” there are still those who view it with distaste. So, it is often necessary to know a socially-active swinger if one's interested in attending a swing party. Limiting attendees to those who are into swinging or are, at least, genuinely interested in it ensures a party that's packed with fun and sexual possibilities. Come prepared when going to a swing party. Dress according to the theme. Have protection against STDs on hand. And, keep an open mind. Enjoy!


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