Suspension Cuffs

Updated: MAY 1, 2018

Suspension cuffs are accessories that are commonly used in bondage and BDSM play. Commonly made from leather, these cuffs are designed to suspend the body and are used along with chains, ropes, and cables. Suspension cuffs are more geared for safety than regular handcuffs since they support the full weight of the wearer’s body.

More About Suspension Cuffs

Suspension cuffs can be worn around the ankles or wrists. They are designed to support the body during vertical, inverted, or horizontal suspension. They are often padded for added comfort and come with D-rings to accommodate ropes, cable ties, and other similar suspension devices.

Some cuffs even come with several attachment points designed to be used with spreader bars. These can also be used to immobilize and suspend the body on more than one axis. For extended suspension, it is recommended to go for iron or leather cuffs since these are far more solid than the novelty velvet ones that are commonly sold in sex shops.


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